Making the numbers

WWS seems to still be borked. We’re casting about to find a new true love to munch our numbers and we’ve stumbed on WOW Meter Online.

Last night’s Void Reaver kill.

– meets the “epeen building” portion of our number munching requirements. We can definitely tell who topped the damage meter.
– We can’t seem to find the trash.
– I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’s written/maintained by non-english speakers.
– “Raid Analytics” is interesting.. also a little uncomfortable if you show up under the “Who idle too much as DPS”. Also.. “lower than average DPS”.. Well.. about 1/2 the DPSers should be lower than average. So I’m not entirely sure what to make of that.
– Realtime DPS graph is nice.. I just wish it’d show me what skills were contributing to that DPS at the time.

Here’s Lilac’s dps from yesterday’s kill of Void Reaver.
Real DPS graph

When I mouseover one of the points.. it shows me the timestamp.. and I think the amount of damage I’ve just done to the boss. I want to know what spell did that damage.

So anyway.. we’ll use it for now.. but we’re on the lookout for the BBD.

6 thoughts on “Making the numbers

  1. Hmmm.. Raid Leader said “WWS is borked so I uploaded to this other place.. ” so idaknow.

    I guess that’s something else I’ll have to test.

  2. I use Recount, it has a fubar addon that I can use to open and close it or display my per fight DPS. It has pie charts to showing which spells you use in what amount. But I dont know about line charts showing DPS over time.

  3. > about 1/2 the DPSers should be lower than average

    You’re confusing “mean” (a.k.a. “average”) with “median”. About 1/2 the DPSers should be below the median, but the distribution around the average will not usually be like that.

    @Bernard, Recount is a very nice damage meter, but it doesn’t provide the amount of sheer data that WWS provides nor does it provide an out-of-game version of the data for later analysis, which is the main use for WWS.

    Solidstates last blog post..Zerging Zul’Gurub

  4. Hmm.. WWS worked fine I think for us.

    Recount also has a graph ,unless you already checked it out, it shows u spikes and around what time it happend.

    Like Bernard mentioned you can see a pie chart and break down of all the abilities. How many missed, landed, crit etc. Good tool to see if a talent is worth spending any points and helps alot in testings.

    hercs last blog post..Help! Prepartions for Wrath … what to do.

  5. @Solidstate
    I wasn’t actually confusing mean and median.. I was just assuming you had a relatively consistent sample. If you have one player who is doing 3x the DPS of any of the other players then you would end up with more “below average DPS” toons because the overachiever had skewed the results. BUT in a mostly consistent sample, you should end up with just about half the toons at “below average”.

    Exactly half the DPSers will be below the median. In a standard bell curve of distribution, -about- half the DPSers will also end up below the average.

    @Bernard, I use Recount in-game. It’s nice for a quick check to see if I’m doing my job. But it doesn’t suffice for deep dives into the data.

    Check out this article:

    I don’t think you could do that kind of examination with Recount’s data.

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