Secret love for my felpuppy

I’m not normally all mushy. I’m a methodical type person.. but I have to share.. I really love running around with my felpuppy, Fzuugsomethingorother.

The “Grumble growl” as he runs off to attack the mob. His little.. um.. antenna that just stick out at the top of the water when we are swimming.. His happy little gallop as he runs back to me after we’ve killed something. All of these things just make me happy.

I’m glad he’s back. The Imp and Voidy are nice.. but I missed my snuggly wuggly wookums.

3 thoughts on “Secret love for my felpuppy

  1. I also fell in love with him. I have not played my lock that much since the patch but when I do I have him out. While leveling to 60 I used my big Blue defender. From 60-70 it was the little fiery guy. I was destruction until about 6 months ago and then I feel in love with dark pact. I still can not get used to the new stuff and to me a decrease in my dps. My ignored holy priest has come back out to heal. At least I feel I am contributing with her.
    I love your site and will continue to read your adventures.

  2. Now you mention it… he is kinda cute idd.
    Normally i don’t go for cute but with a demonisch flavour like this i don’t understand i liked him more.
    Too bad it’s use is so limited or otherwise i’d use him more often i guess… only whip it out on Maiden in Karazhan actually. Otherwise its the blueberry (while i was leveling to 70) or the imp.

    Exanimos last blog post..Zombie Battleground!

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