Affliction Rotation 3.0.2 Scribbles

[Edited: Ok.. so on the commute home it occured to me that the following is somewhat crap. I had a minor brain fart and this won’t keep haunt up all the time. Expect something better in the next few posts.] Noodling a cast sequence. These are probably “boss fight” sequences.. as trash dies too quickly to warrant a decent DoT…

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Patch 3.0.2 is OP

When we downed VoidReaver for the first time there was a cheer. It was 8 seconds after his enrage timer.. I was throwning soul shards at him and when he fell over ventrillo went wild as we cheered. Last night.. there was no cheer. I’m glad that Wrath is coming in a month. Because if we had to keep playing…

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Guild First: Morogrim Tidewalker and Fathom-Lord Karathress

On Sunday, 10/19/2008, for the first time -ever-, West Kingdom completed Zul’Aman. We then went on and took down Tidewalker and Fathom-Lord Karathress. We one shot Tidewalker and two-shot the Fathom-Lord. In attendance were: Heimdall, Axnil, Dudu, Grale, Lilac, Delow, Doomie, Erasmmus, Goatwench, Weaver, Avatarlordon, Hrothgarr, Paligor, Saranth, Validor, Adonismaster Ceraphina, Nexishard, Xephina, Ynit, Hoose, Krullwyn, Odisia, Persephany, and Zynnia


Northrend Dungeon Order

5-mans: Utgarde Keep(70-72), The Nexus(71-73), Azjol-Nerub(72-74), Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom(73-75), Drak’Tharon Keep(74-76), The Violet Hold(75-77), Gundrak(76-78), Halls of Stone(77-79), Halls of Lightning(80), The Occulus(80), CoT: Culling of Stratholm(80), Utgarde Pinnacle(80), 10/25 man raids: Naxxramas (80+) Obsidian Sanctum (80+) Vault of Archavon (80+) Ulduar Raid (80++) The Eye of Eternity (80++) Icecrown Citadel (80+++)

Addons, Macros

Summon Random Non-Combat Pet

/run CallCompanion(“CRITTER”, random(GetNumCompanions(“CRITTER”) ) ) I didn’t write it. Sometimes good information actually -does- come from the official forums. See the official forum post for more information about “random mounts” (ie, the answer is long.. they said it well.. and i’m not going to repeat it.. except to say that the addon “livestock” looks like a very good solution).


State of the UI: October 2008

Patch 3.02 has landed and my UI is totally updated. I did a screenshot last night.. and then fiddled with it some more. It’s a work in progress.


Behold our MIGHT!

Bam! The patch is here.. we’re half Wrath-ified. and ZOMG! We are so OP. Last night West Kingdom formed up for Gruul’s.. to test it out. We started out tentatively. The first brute died.. brutally. The second, someone pulled aggro.. and we still totally blasted him. We smashed High King Maulgar and crew.. even though the mage tank died. We…

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NWO: Warlocks in 3.0.2

Assumption #1: I’m totally making this stuff up.. I haven’t tested it yet.. I’m figuring it out while I’m at work so I can have a jump when I get home. Assumption #2: I’m assuming that all the talents will be in the game after I get home and get to try out 3.0.2. This isn’t necessarily true given that…

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What I learned at Blizzcon

OMG Blizzcon! I went to Blizzcon. It was my first ever con. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having been there once I have alot of observations.. and things I’ll change for next time (Yeah, if I have my way there will be a next time).