Zombie invasion – a post-mortem**

Zombie“Sad to see you go, I barely knew ya.”

The zombies are gone. And by that I meant totally gone. Not even piles of bones left to mark their presence. It’s almost like they were never here. In fact.. it’s like all those stupid quests. You know.. where you go and save Corki.. and find out that even though you’ve saved Corki he’s still not saved.. when you go back in there to help your friend level or to farm up Kurenai faction there he is.. back in the same cage he was in the last time you saved him. Something momentous happened.. and now I have nothing to show for it.

We’re back in a world where the zombie invasion might as well have never happened. Woo-whoo.. they found a cure. Goodbye my zombie friends.. I barely knew you.

If you spent all your time complaining that the reagent vendor/fight master/auctioneer was dead then you didn’t really experience the event. We went through what should have been a game-changing experience. Arthas unfurled his first attack in several years against the world of the living. This attack did not spare the flight masters… or the auctioneers… Arathas took down all of them with impunity. It would have been the worst kind of meta-roleplaying for Blizzard to make certain NPCs immune to the plague.

There were hiccups though, “pve servers” and “the plague” don’t really jive together. I’ve heard that even on PVP servers.. the weird “Shattrath as Sanctuary” thing made it all very annoying. Seriously, if you as a player zombie have the option to infect me.. then I should have the option to outright kill you.

I had a hell of a fun time staging a zombie invasion of Ogrimmar. I really wish I’d had Fraps running as we lerched through whichever valley it was that we ended up in.. (that city really confuses me). I also had a hell of a fun time acting as the valiant defender.. and killing of all zombies to get the fight master in Shatt to respawn or when cleaning all of the zombies out of the lowbie draenei area. My heart beat faster and I sat up and payed attention every time I zoned into Shat (instant cast broom mount FTW) or landed on a flight path.

It actually made me laugh to see everyone hovering over Shatt on their flying mounts. I was really looking forward to the next phase.

But then it just seemed to .. fizzle. Ta-da, we have a cure. Yeah we’re saved. Except that I never saw the cure get distributed. I’d’ve loved a day or two of throwing “cure bombs” at crowds of zombies.. sort of like their green vapors clouds.. except instead it infected them.. and “cured them to death”. No such luck. Just.. *fizzle*.

I suppose it’s for the best. Yeah.. let’s all run off to Northrend and kick Arathas’ butt. I mean.. heck, he killed the flight master.. and the reagent vendor. The inconsiderate bastard!!

**Ok.. so having a post mortem of a zombie invasion tickles me with its irony.


  • GC wrote: Try and make more of the dots a consistent length, so that Affliction’s rotation doesn’t require such a big brain. ( I’ve also seen Afflic rotation described as the “black diamond slope” of spell rotations. There have been other blues where GC has noted that achieving the perfect Affliction rotation will likely require addons.. and the fact that the don’t want it to come to this.
  • DotTimer 4.1 released (
  • Immolate and Corruption get bigger spell power coefficient ( Both moved to 0.20 per tick. Which should translate to a “significant DPS boost”. Supposedly hotfixed this last Thursday 10/30/2008. I wonder how this will effect all of the “meh, don’t cast Immolate, it’s not worth it” people.
  • The changes to Shadow Mastery, Demonic Tactics and Emberstorm will go live with 3.0.3.( Add to that a note that 3.0.3 should be live before the Wrath launch.. otherwise things become awkward for Blizz.

2 thoughts on “Zombie invasion – a post-mortem**

  1. Oh man, I wish I coulda been a part of the zombie invasion! I did finally find a bunch of folks that took over the Mage Tower in SW, but that’s as far as it got. Most of the folks on my server just griped. =(

    PS: Every time I post a comment I’m surprised to type a WoW-related word into the captcha!

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..Levelin’ Like a Madman

  2. Yeah, I was in the “meh, I haz fire, wat?” group before. I may still be, I just wrote about this. To save you the click, the short version is that the rotation I worked out will allow me to throw it in, so I’ll probably do that and see what damage pops out. I saw the same post you did, and there was also another point in that list about wanting to make Affliction locks focus more on Shadow damage, so I don’t see how this jives with that. All shadow spells and then one fire? I’m not going to complain about more damage though.

    I personally was all right with the zombies. The killing NPC thing was an annoying necessity. The defending your area so you can go about normal business thing was kinda fun. It would been better I think if the NPCs weren’t so helpless. They needed to be able to “cure” each other and band together as a town/area. Some places did that better than others, but usually just ended up infecting their friends. It would been cool to see NPCs like “leaving town” because they know they’ve been infected. *shrug* anything that creates a buzz isn’t all bad, as it keeps us all entertained and that’s why we do this.

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