I’m too old for this shit

Cat LadyOver the weekend I subscribed to and downloaded several new-to-me podcasts.

Push my Follow” is a new social media podcast by Starman, one of the hosts of “World of Warcast”. I met him and chatted briefly with him at Blizzcon. Though actually his new podcast was “mentioned” to me by Alachia on her most recent podcast. “Push my follow” has five 30-somethings intelligently discussing the direction of new social platforms and their impact on the greater world. It’s interesting and intelligent.. though I’m not certain that I’m their primary audience. I’ll follow it for a while and see where it goes.

Right after listening to “Push my Follow”, another of my new subscriptions started. This one was three (maybe) 20-somethings discussing Wow. Every other word was “gay” or “fag” and they never quite got to the part where they said something vaguely interesting to me. I spent alot of the time annoyed with them (in a very “you damn kids get off my lawn” kind of way) and found it hard to focus on their message. I’ve decided I’m definitely -not- their target audience and I will be unsubscribing as soon as I can get iTunes to load up.

So it’s official.. I’m old and crabby.. and even though I’m playing a “game” I don’t want to listen to the kiddies talk about it. I would prefer to think of it as a math problem cunningly disguised as a video game.. and discuss the social implications of this new social media.. than to think about the fact that I share a virtual community with kiddies.

Luckily here on my blog I get very little contact with the kiddies. I love my commenters.. and only once have I gotten a “ur blog sux. U R gay and shuld stop riting” type comment (which I admit, I did delete since it didn’t add to the value of the content of my blog). I get more of those types of comments on my YouTube postings. I wonder what that says about the state of social media.

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  1. This is the reason that I am always appalled at the intense pressure towards kids to vote. It’s not that I think all of them are stupid. It’s just that I think that most of them are so inexperienced, that they have no foundation to fall back on. As a 25 year old senior in college, who has had real life experience, it astounds me what some kids will say. The real world changes a lot of things =/

  2. On the other hand, how many of those kiddies are intelligent enough with a high enough reading level and just the proper lack of ADD to sit and read a blog? I admittedly mostly read them at work when things are going slow; at home, it’s definitely mostly sleep and Warcrack…

    I left my guild of two years because of what I saw as kiddie stuff. Too much drama (and by drama, I mean inter-dating – in fact, I finally made the decision when one of the guild leaders appeared to have a crush on me Oo I did *not* want to be caught up in that). I’m definitely in a much more mature guild.. and I definitely love it.

    It definitely doesn’t make me feel old like my other guild did.

  3. You wrote: “…prefer to think of it as a math problem cunningly disguised as a video game”

    I just want to say: hah! I love that metaphor. Hee hee.

  4. @Leiandra
    I agree for the most part.. I have to skim the official forums really hard to find worthwhile content. I actually think that Blizzard’s recent activity in the forum is good for it. One of the problems is that the forum has lacked proper moderation.

    Coincidentally, in Epi. ~15 or so of “Push My Follow” the group discussed their theory that “more focused communities have less fucktards.” I’d like to agree with this.. except that “World of Warcraft” official forums is actually pretty darn specific (when considered against the world of all topics possible) and it has a very high quotient of fucktards. Same thing with WI stories. I actually think the quantity of fucktards is diminished by active moderation.

    Also.. I’ve found the “macro and UI” official forum has a higher signal to noise ratio than something like the “Warlock” forums.

    I remember being that age. I remember thinking I was mature at 19. I really don’t know if I was as annoying as I find 19-year-olds to be now. It’s amazing what a bunch of experience can bring you.

    That’s one of the reasons I’m very glad that I’m helping to setup/run our guild. I’ve specifically aimed our guild towards a more mature audience. So far it seems to have cut down on the drama (not entirely.. but somewhat).


  5. Apparently even the older crowd can act childish… just add politics to the mix. Ugh.

    On a less pessimistic note, I agree with there being no substitute for “life experience” no matter what your age. Some people get it earlier, some people get it later. Spend enough time around a group of people and you KNOW who are the experienced ones and who… not so much.

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