Affliction: The plot thickens

sn11caution-double-black-diamond-posters.jpgToday Ghostcrawler wrote:
I’ve mentioned a couple of times that we want to simplify Affliction’s rotation a little. Making the dot durations more consistent would help, but so would things like getting a couple of spells (Immolate and Siphon Life maybe) out of the rotation.

I’m not talking about nerfing Affliction, nor making those changes in a vacuum. This would be a redesign so that things felt more natural with ~4 abilities instead of ~6.

Oh-ho. The plot thickens.

Oddly, the two spells he mentioned, Immolate and Siphon Life, are two of the three spells on the 15-second drum. So.. if they somehow made it more advantageous to only cast the spells on the 12-second drum we’d end up (currently) with a rotation like this:

Pre-sequence: Corruption
1: (1.5)*Haunt, CoA(1.5), 10.5 more seconds
2: (1.5)*Haunt, 12 seconds
1: (1.5)*Haunt, CoA(1.5), 10.5 more seconds
2: (1.5)*Haunt, 12 seconds

Now.. I really doubt they’d cut UA down to a 12 second duration.. but what if they made it 24-second duration we’d end up with the following:

Pre-sequence: Corruption
1: (1.5)*Haunt, (1.5)UA, CoA(1.5), 9 more seconds
2: (1.5)*Haunt, 12 seconds
1: (1.5)*Haunt, (1.5)UA, CoA(1.5), 9 more seconds
2: (1.5)*Haunt, 12 seconds

Not bad. It’s very clean.. lots of time for “filler’ I kind of like Haunt on a 12 second duration.. it’s a nice pace of health return though it is a little rapid for keeping up a “20% boost to dots”. I don’t exactly understand why I’d clip it for an early health return.. but with only an 8 second cooldown that’s possible.

Cutting us down to a 12-second duration really makes [item]Glyph of Curse of Agony[/item] kind of useless though. If you added 4 seconds to CoA’s duration you’d make it harder to refresh.

Maybe if they moved everything to a 15-second drum.. and made the glyph add 6 seconds to CoA’s duration.

The question is, what would they do with Siphon Life (something I spec’d into) in order to cause me to -not- cast it.

I suppose if my filler spells (esp drain life) had a higher DPM/HPS than SL.. Or if SL was changed to something passive.. Dunno.

It seems silly to offer Siphon Life in the Affliction tree as a spell if they really don’t want you to cast it.

3 thoughts on “Affliction: The plot thickens

  1. He did say maybe, so he probably meant it as an example. Most likely, they’re looking at pretty much everything to see what they can do to simplify it.
    ‘Course, putting SL into a more passive option, perhaps working off other DoTs and stacking a buff on the warlock, would quite handily remove it entirely from a spell rotation.
    Or tack it’s effect into Corruption.
    There’s any number of things they can do to cause a total “blargh fest”.

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  2. “I’m not talking about nerfing Affliction, nor making those changes in a vacuum. ”

    Reminds me of when GC said they would not nerf retribution into the ground baybe…

    I’d be concerned if there were actually stuff left worth nerfing on the warlock…

    Still, going to remain faithful to the class till lvl 80 at least. I’ve been working my hiney off trying to find specs that do not require an extra hand to use, it’s a bit of a doozy.

    Lets hope they don’t listen to popular opinion on this incoming nerf… euh… buff…… oh who am I kidding… nerf it is.

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  3. I really like the idea of extending UA. That really would make my rotation a lot better.

    This makes me not want to cast Immolate (or get used to casting it) again. I wish they’d make up their mind on how they see that spell. Buffing it would indicate usage across he board, before the shadow damage stacking made it iffy at best, now they’re talking about nerfing it… I really dislike that spell :-).

    I don’t think they can nerf SL if it’s going to cost us tree points. I guess I could always use those elsewhere, but I agree that doesn’t make any sense.

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