Fear the wrath of Neelshok!!

It turns out I’m totally out of practice with leveling. I keep getting full bags.. or noticing that I’m running out of shards (I’ve resolved to use Spellstones and Soulstone myself constantly). And what’s the deal with picking up 8 different kinds of food? My bags over floweth with 1-2 pieces of “stuff you eat”. I’m a warlock FFS.. I can’t remember the last time I ate anything.. well except for Blackened Basilisk. Speaking of which.. I’m so totally eating basilisk while I level. I have 3 stacks in the bank.. that should last me until … 74 or so.

I’m trying out a new spec. A 21/41/0 hybrid Siphon Life/Felguard spec.
(It turns out my felguard is named “Neelshok”. It’s not really a sexy scary demon name. I bet he was teased by his demon friends… do demons have friends?) It’s the spec used by Nyhm, the first toon world-wide to hit 80. It’s very much a “run around, dot everything, laugh maniacally, then loot” spec. It’s high on survivability.. and if you let your dots run long enough it’s hard hitting.. but it sucks in instances. It’s definitely a spec tailored for running in a big circle and dotting everything that moves for 27 hours to grind out levels. It’s adequate for me.. but I’m not grinding my levels.

I’m questing.. and OMG I’m having so much fun. I’m not going fast. I mean I guess I should be and I’m not exactly dragging my feet or dancing on mailboxes in Dalaran.. but I’m also not one of the highest leveled toons on the server. I’m just taking my time.. reading the quest text.. and admiring.. well everything. Right now Lilac is at 72.5. I think she’s just about to finish the last of everything in Howling Fjord. She just got the achievement.. but has 2-3 other quests left to do.

So far I’ve only run into one or two quests of the flavor “Kill 10 rats” and only once have I had to wait around for respawn. I have figured out that I have to keep at least one spot free on my button bar at all times in order to use whatever .. fiddly bit is needed for the quest at hand (torch, whistle, hawk, bag, etc). I think this adds a nice bit of variety to questing.

There have been very few “Kill named mob X” type quests. Where there -have- been named mobs to kill I’ve found that the mob respawns very quickly.. and other players have been very willing to group up for it.

The potential for asshattery has been high. I’ve had a few mobs stolen from me because I couldn’t tag them fast enough.. but not so many that I’ve screamed in outrage.

I am finding very few herbs. I meant they’re -really- sparce. I’m not sure what that’s about. I -am- loving The Nexus.. it’s pretty and herbing there is loverly.

So far.. Blizz gets an A+.

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3 thoughts on “Fear the wrath of Neelshok!!

  1. Agreed, nexus is gorgeous. That last boss fight is kinda tricky too, in a fun way. Same with that corridor of respawning little plant thingies.

    Blizz has said they’re trying to help us ‘locks with tagging, I hope they have something good.

    I also will be slow to 80 but am enjoying the scenery. 🙂

  2. Yes, there are very few herbs and you get to areas quickly where you can not herb them. I suggest going back to outlands to get to 400 real quick.

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