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Do your dailies!
But I’m leveling
That’s no excuse!! Do your dailies!

Yesterday, while I was 72 I did 4 dailies, they each gave me ~10g and 20k xp. Yes. 20k.
This morning at level 73 I did the Isle dailies. The quests from the first two buildings gave 8.5k per quest. The quests from the last building and the inn gave 12.5k xp each. I think I got 1/4 of a level.

I’ve only quested in Howling Fjord and barely started Dragonblight. So far I’ve found the following dailies:

Break the Blockade Alliance
Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord.
Take painfully slow blimp in slow circuit of the bay to bomb pirates. As soon as I jump on the blimp I start throwing out group invites. The first day I did it solo and in competition with 2 other people. It took two passes which are painfully slow. With 2+ people in the group and no competition I’ve been able to easily complete the quest in one pass.
10 minutes, 20k xp, Valiance Expedition reputation.

Steel Gate Patrol Alliance
Steel Gate Quarry, Howling Fjord.
Shoot gargoyles out of the sky with a biplane. So . Much . Fun. There is a quest right before this one. Grapple bags of relics. It was bugged the first time I tried it. Either they’ve de-bugged it.. OR it’s possible you have to do the relic quest while the quarry is being attacked by gargoyles. In either case, you have to grapple the relics first.. then you can start doing the daily.
5 minutes, 20k xp, Explorers’ League reputation and two health pots.

The Way to His Heart
Kamagua, Howling Fjord.
Net tasty fish out of the bay. Use them to lure seal bull to seal cow.. so they can fall in love.
10 minutes, 20k xp, The Kalu’ak reputation.

Planning for the Future
Moa’ki Harbor, Dragonblight.
Steal the puppies to “keep them safe”… because they definitely weren’t safe with their mommies. /eyeroll
10 minutes, 20k xp. The Kalu’ak reputation

Other lists of some more dailies:

Daily Quests of Northrend on Curse

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