“ZOMG! Players are OP, nerf players”

I’m starting to not like this. Well ok… leveling has been ok but not exactly challenging. I’ve been distracted the last few days and haven’t really done much in the way of leveling.. but really I want to talk about instances.

So far I’ve done Utgarde Keep, The Nexus, Azjol-Nerub, and Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom. The only one that was even slightly challenging was The Nexus.. and that was only because the pugged tank did not understand tank kiting. Even then, we ended up killing the last boss when the Ret Pally picked her up.

I was level 72 when we did Azjol-Nerub and Ahn’Kahet. That’s ~2-3 levels below the suggested level for the instance. The rest of the group was likewise leveled and it was still cake walk simple.
I don’t expect every regular level new instance to be like Heroic Old Hillsbrad.. but some challenge would be welcome.

When my pally first stepped foot into Outlands, she was Protection spec’d. When I hit level 62, fiancee took me to Underbog to tank it. The mobs in regular Underbog smashed my little tank flat. It was horrible. It was an instance where I was 2 levels below the recommended level for the instance.. and it smashed me.

I’m at that same point now in Northrend.. and instead of smashing me, the instance is pitifully easy. Something is broken. I hope it gets fixed.

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  1. I think I have to disagree with this. When your paladin tanked UB, were you overgeared for the content? Most people entered Outland undergeared and that is not the case with Northrend.

  2. Just a quick question: What is your gear like? If you’re running around with T5/T6 gear from TBC, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised that the instance is easy being under level. If you’re a brand new 68 that is in quest green from Outland, might be a bit of a different story. Blizzard is in the position of trying to tune instances for both the very well geared and the green quest geared players. Not easy to do.

  3. I agree/disagree with my two mains the instances are all really easy but I’ve only run them with guildies who knew what they are doing class-wise and we were all a little overgeared.
    I ran utgarde keep last night with my alt, she’s a 71 resto druid and this is the first instance I’ve ever healed with her. Both of these runs were complete pugs, the first one was AMAZING the tank rocked, not one person died and I was left feeling that druids were ezmode to heal on compared to my priest and shammy. With that I thought, let’s pug this baby again….the second time was AWFUL we wiped 4 times before the first boss and I had to call it quits. We had a 69 deathknight tanking and he just was not good…I don’t claim to be great at healing on my druid but I know when a tank is just full of fail.

  4. Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom is listed as 73-75.

    My group:
    Level 71 warrior tank, turned 70 about a week before Wrath’s release.
    Level 72 retribution paladin, had been 70 for a while but was wearing new-to-him Retribution gear.
    Level 72 t5-ish mage. He definitely out-geared the instance.
    (me) level 72 T5-ish lock trying out a new gimped in instances spec.
    Level 72 Holy Priest healer.

    The tank did not get smashed.. the healer did not complain about how quickly the tank went down.

  5. Yah, the hardest I’ve had thus far was last night I healed Drak, the one that starts with a G that’s like level 78ish (it was late at night), and Violet Hold at 73; Violet Hold was kind of hard, Drak was a walk in the park, and admittedly we had some issues on the last one but that was mostly due to us all being tired.

  6. Dinged 80 last night whee. I have gone into every instance up to Violet Hold and consistently brought low level people or less than perfect group make ups. Both times I ran Violet Hold we got bosses that we had no idea what the mechanic was and just seemingly powered through it. Overall, I haven’t had a single boss wipe since Wrath started and that just seems wrong. I know I started out with some t5/ZA gear, but really?

    I contend that Northrend is Fun, but it isn’t Hard.

    The only excuse I could make is that the leveling dungeons are tuned to non-Raiders. Raiders are used to gimmick fights and have high spacial awareness so this kind of stuff isn’t going to throw us for a loop. However I hear Naxx is so easy I might cry of boredom… that does not excite me one bit.

    gts last blog post..Wrath of the Robot King

  7. Because we’re friends and I can IM you for more details, I can say “Yes, your group was overgeared.” Your group was all guildies. You had the highest DPS mage in the guild as well as the healer that’s almost always on top of the heal charts. Aside from the just-leveled warrior, be.imba.hu says your gear suggests you’d all perform well in BT/Sunwell (the priest is even higher at mid-Sunwell). Even though the warrior was not kitted out with 25-man purples, he’s a blacksmith, and wearing some decent gear.

    I went with a less-geared group to a different dungeon. It was painful. We wiped a number of times. People bailed. If you want to test how easy-mode the game is, go on your paladin. Bring your fiancee on his rogue. Pull in a just-dinged 70 healer, and two other folks on their alts.

    Part of the reason your toon got smashed at 62 was because you were in a small, casual guild & wearing gear from questing. I’d guess the latest expansion is a bit more challenging to folks who haven’t had the benefit of multiple-per-week 25-man raids.

  8. I think that gear level and experience disparities are making the balancing act for the Northrend instances tough. I’m part of a casual guild that is basically one 5-man group with a few other characters that are around sporadically. We had just gotten part way through kara pre-nerf with another guild and managed to clear it after the nerf, so we were at least partially in tier 4 gear. We’ve only done The Nexus so far and while it wasn’t ridiculously hard it wasn’t a cakewalk either. We wiped on the first boss once and then managed to down the last boss with only our healer left standing. So while some people are finding the early instances stupidly easy, that isn’t the case for everyone.

  9. I think that the instances are balanced around someone who just leveled to 70 in quest greens and blues. Which is unfortunate since a huge chunk of the player base has been stockpiling purples for a year or two.

    People complained about the BC gear reset, and that the quest greens were better than their 60 purples. While it is harsh, the fact is that all that stuff was getting replaced eventually anyway. But what happened with BC is that the dungeons were balanced to be tough for people leveling, regardless of when they dinged 60. A less brutal gear reset means that the situation we’re discussing happens. Most veterans rush to 80 with no real challenge. I just hope the 80 instances aren’t a pushover too.

  10. Oh, one thing worth noting — as people are leveling any gear with rating points on it is actually getting worse, due to the reverse scaling of rating points with level. So a lot of people at 75 have WORSE gear, which is to say the same gear but less effective, than they had at 70. So in a sense its a race between the quest rewards coming up and your current gear going down to where you start taking new stuff.

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