Affliction scribbles: Minor rotation note

Very quick note.. I’m currently spec’d hybrid Siphon Life/Felguard.. but I miss my true affliction roots. I stumbled upon a little tidbit.

Things of note.. only lasts 12 seconds.. so you can’t use haunt to easily get two stack. If you’re 5/5 then a two stack adds 10% damage to your dots.. and reduces hots on the target by 30%. Add to that.. Haunt added 20% more damage to your dots. So 30% more damage from your dots.. nothing to sneeze at.

So.. if I were toying with an inkling of a rotation.. I’d be tempted by something like:

Shadow Bolt, Haunt, other dots, repeat just before haunt expires.

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2 thoughts on “Affliction scribbles: Minor rotation note

  1. With a deep Affliction spec like this.


    I went about trying to figure out a good Macro for boss fights and trash. I figured there had to be some point where it revolved and I think I found it or at least close. The boss one manages to keep all five dots up and hammer it home with shadow bolts. Your exactly right the key is to put shadow bolt and haunt up first to get the two stack of shadow embrace.

    Boss fight:
    /castsequence reset=10 shadow bolt,haunt,curse of agony,corruption,unstable affliction,shadow bolt,shadow bolt,haunt,shadow bolt,shadow bolt,unstable affliction,shadow bolt,curse of agony,shadow bolt,haunt,shadow bolt,life tap,

    If you spam the macro and life tap after a nightfall procced shadow bolt you should get haunt off on time and be able to keep this up indefinately. If it misses on reapplying corruption. It will pick it up when it starts over.

    for trash I use this. The Mob should die hopefully just after you life tap or close to it. Making room for your haunt to restore your life.

    /castsequence reset=5 shadow bolt,haunt,curse of agony,corruption,shadow bolt,shadow bolt,haunt,shadow bolt,Life Tap,

    I’m at 72 so far and I just put the last point in deaths embrace. the next five will go into ruin for the 100% bonus to SB’s and the last three in to cataclysm to allow you to lower your hit cap across the board. Hope you and your readers find this useful.


  2. It’s nice that the stacking affect appears to reset the timer. Thus on a long boss fight, it is no problem keeping this up if you’re mixing s-bolts in with your haunt. I haven’t moved my s-bolt up to the front, but getting an early Nightfall proc really helps. In the interest of simplicity, I haunt, apply dots, then s-bolt. So I miss a few seconds of the double stack, but after that it rarely goes down and cooldowns are never a problem.

    Its definitely a nice little buff.

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