A question of light

Mulling this over.. I think I like/dislike zones based in part on the quality of their light.

Howling Fjord: 90% love it. Bright summer day.. love it. The burning part in the middle.. loved it less.
Dragon Blight: 90% hate it. Ever overcast winter day. Every once in a while I wonder into a bright pink spot. The bright pink is too pink. The overcast is just blah. Reminds me of Darkshire. Hated Darkshire. I do love the snow though.
Grizzly Hills: 100% love it. Bright summer day.. love it. Reminds me of growing up in Montana. I haven’t found a spot in the hills which I don’t like.
Borean Tundra: 50% hate it. This one is the oddity. I dislike the “feel” not the lighting. Wide open boring tundra. Blah. The light is “bright summer day” but the area feels icky.

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2 thoughts on “A question of light

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    OK, it might not be 100% the reason, but I’ve never been able to put my finger on why I couldn’t stand certain zones and i think this is a big part of it for me as well. I’ve always attributed it to the open feel of an instance, but that wasn’t it completely either.

    For example, hated Zul’Aman because trees always blocked my view and I had to zoom in so close. Felt claustrophobic. Hated Zangarmarsh because I thought I couldn’t see further than 50 feet, but I really think lighting played a big part of that. I still think of that place as a big blue-green haze. ABSOLUTELY LOVED Nagrand!!!

    As for Northrend, I like most of it, but I have only flown through Storm Peaks and Icecrown Glacier and not sure I’m going to like them as much. They’re very dark.

    Anyway, thanks for pointing this out because this has been bugging me for some time.

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  2. As a born-and-raised in Montana guy (and still living here) I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with you on Grizzly Hills. It’s a gorgeous zone and feels like walking in the woods here at home.

    Though I do kinda have to disagree with you on Dragonblight though… I’ve always kinda had an affinity for winter (December birthday, go figure) and somehow, all that snow even under overcast skies is soothing to me. Kinda reminds me of the solitude of skiing.

    As for Borean Tundra – i totally agree… the whole permafrost tundra thing just strikes me as blah…

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