I think West Kingdom is facing a healing shortage. I’m not panicked about it.. I’m sure we’ll get through it.. but I’m concerned. Times are tough all over.

Our main Holy Priest pulled her main out of the guild to go raid with more hardcore guild.
Our only Resto Shaman has instead leveled a Warrior tank.
One of our priest is leveling a Boomkin. I don’t know if she plans to stay boomkin.
Another Holy Priest is leveling her warlock (which could partially be my fault).
On of our Resto Druids finally took this opportunity to go back to playing his Mage main.
Another Resto Druid is leveling a Death Knight.

A long while back I changed my Warlock to be my main and stopped focusing on my Holy Paladin. The Paladin is still there but I’m still feeling kind of kicked in the kidneys when I play her.. so she’s still stuck at 70.

Thank god for Persephany (Holy priest) and Leadpally(Holy Paladin). If it wasn’t for them we’d be totally healerless.

There’s a spot of brightness.

Ghostcrawler wrote:

We have already announced or suggested all of these changes would be forthcoming in the next minor content patch. I thought I would list them all in one place for ease of use.

Divine Shield: Penalty changed so that all damage done is reduced by 50% instead of a attack speed penalty.

1) Divine Protection no longer causes an attack penalty. Divine Shield’s penalty was changed to 50% less damage done by the paladin.
2) Sacred Duty: This Protection talent no longer affects the attack penalty of Divine Shield and Divine Protection, but grants additional bonus Stamina.
3) Avenging Wrath, Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Hand of Protection have a shared, 30-second cooldown. The Forbearance effect is no longer triggered by Avenging Wrath.
4) Judgement of Wisdom now returns a percentage of base mana instead of a percentage of max mana.
5) All mana drain effects now return a percentage of max enemy mana (making mana drains less punishing to paladins and other characters without large mana pools.)
6) Judgements of the Pure: This Holy talent now increases the damage done by Seals and Judgements.
7) All paladins receive a single-target taunt (name TBD) as a base ability.

Oddly enough.. he had to post this to all three of the role forums (Damage Dealing, Healing and Tanking) instead of posting it once to the “Paladin” forum. Horray for “progress”.

This brings us the promised shared internal 30 second cooldown for wings, and bubbles. It’s awkward that the Hand of Protection will also be on that same cooldown. This will make it awkward to bubble others.

This also brings us the promise scaling for mana drain effects. This will effect Hunters and Warlocks. I wonder if it will actually be worthwhile to cast Drain Mana now.

I really want to see how much additional damage seals and judgements will do with the new Judgements of the Pure. Pre-3.0.2 Tatia was gettin ~330dps. Post-wrath, pre-nerf Tatia was seeing 558 dps. Post-Wrath, post-nerf Tatia is seeing ~400dps.

In all, I continue to reserve judgement about my Paladin.. and have thus far enjoyed my Warlock.

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2 thoughts on “HEAL ME!

  1. Funny how things have changed in WotLK in the classes players have decided to play or change to since WotLK.

  2. Before you sound the deathknell for healers, several things to keep in mind:
    These days, no one is asking in guildchat for healers. They specifically ask, “Persephany, could you come heal for us?” I’m not averse to logging on to my priest to come heal for a dungeon — in fact, it’s how I figured she’d level up. But I’ve only been asked once. So I’m leveling my warlock.

    The fact that I’m leveling my warlock is not even partly your fault. After leveling two protection warriors and a holy priest, it’s a nice change of pace to not have every quest be agonizingly slow. I started the warlock because we’d been experiencing a glut of healers, and without a dps toon in my stable, I was sitting out on raids. With the changes to the game that are being planned/implemented, I’m now doubting the glory of the healer/dps/tank trifecta — seems hybrid is where Blizzard is aiming the sweet spot.

    For an additional reason many of the ‘normal’ healers aren’t leveling their healing class, review the months preceding the expansion: anyone with a healer was begged, pleaded, manipulated, and guilted into healing. I doubt I was the only one tired of that kind of treatment. I figure I’ll level my priest up, but as with my (woot-woot lev 72) warlock, I’m taking my time and enjoying the game.

    Seriously, didn’t you get the memo that all future raiding will be done with only death knights and paladins? (in an 8:2 ratio) All hail the hybrid classes!

    Ziyas last blog post..Me and my shadows

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