I’m thankful for Wow

We’re not going to family’s house for T-day.. the last few years we’ve invited friends over and had a veritable feast. Every year we make way too much food. This year we decided to do a “just us” Thanksgiving.

Original plan: eat cereal, play Wow…
Pro: This plan had simplicity. It was easy to understand. I didn’t spend all day cooking in the kitchen. It had the added bonus of possibly allowing me to get closer to 80.
Con: No turkey, No leftovers. I like turkey sandwiches. It didn’t feel very celebratory.

Revised plan: cook turkey, play Wow…
Pro: Still very simple. Only preparing a turkey. This would give a nice amount of leftover turkey for sandwiches over the next two weeks.
Con: Still doesn’t feel very festive. I mean what’s Thanksgiving without riced potatoes and spinach dip. Add to that, my Mother called and informed me that my cousin is in town and that if I was a good daughter I would invite my cousin over for dinner so he wouldn’t feel lonely during the holiday.

New plan: cook turkey, riced potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberries, spinach dip, clean house, mow lawn, set table, watch traditional football game with fiancee and cousin.
Pro: It’s everything a Thanksgiving should be.
Con: So . Much . Work. I hate football. *grumble*

Revised New Plan: Cousin says he won’t be coming over. It’s just the two of us. Cook turkey, stuffing, spinach dip. Play Wow.
Pro: It’s a toned down version of everything Thanksgiving should be.
Con: There is no con. It’s all good. Though.. if I don’t make riced potatoes we won’t have leftovers to make Gnocci. Love Gnocci.

Nibuca’s Gnocci Recipe:
(make riced potatoes: clean russet potatoes, quarter them, boil them until they are tender. Then run them through a potato ricer)

1 1/2 cup riced potatoes
1/2 cup flour

Mix potato and flour together to form a dough. Add more flour if it’s needed. Try not to work the dough too much or it will get tough.

Pull off a slightly-larger-than-golf-ball piece of the dough and roll it out into a snake that’s about as big around as your thumb. Cut off little pieces and then roll them into little football shapes. Press them on a fork to add indentions from the tines (the indentations are not strictly necessary.. but supposedly they help the sauce to stick to the gnocchi).

These can be frozen to be used at a later time or can be used immediately. If you freeze them, lay them out on a sheet pan so they aren’t touching. After they’re frozen, store them in a zip top bag. Do not allow them to defrost when you use them. Just drop frozen gnocchi into the boiling water.

Boil a lot of water with a generous amount of salt. When you have a rolling boil add a large handful of the gnocchi. Watch the pot carefully. When the gnocchi float to the top of the water, use a ladel and move the gnocchi to a plate to drain (if you let the gnocchi boil to long they’ll get slimy and disintegrate). Let the water return to a boil and bit-by-bit, cook the rest of the gnocchi.

To serve: Gnocchi are very versitile. My favorite way of serving them is to boil them and then to fry them up in a little butter. When they start to get a little color, cover them with heavy whipping cream. Warm throughout and serve with garlic bread. Sort of like a Gnocchi Alfredo

Another option is to cover them with a tomato sauce.

I’ve also seen them served in a little bit of olive oil with parmesian cheese and peas.

4 thoughts on “I’m thankful for Wow

  1. I like your thanksgiving……..except without WoW. I’m good with the lowkey Thanksgiving this year.

    I like making the Potatoes a bit rustic, clean Russel Potatoes with the skin on has more flavor, its just not riced though. I guess being watching too much foodnetwork lately.

    Galohearts last blog post..Screenshot Files: 77-80 Grinding…

  2. Our plans:

    1. Drive to my Dad’s house.

    2. Roast Lamb kebobs over an open fire while standing outside in the snow.

    3. Eat until I can’t move.

    4. Boast about not eating turkey for the umpteenth year in a row.

    5. Drink Armenian cognac(basically lighter fluid)

    6. Sleep like a baby

  3. My Plans: Err when is thanksgiving? tomorrow? well, go to work, go home, play wow. Go over to american friends house next saturday for his late thanksgiving party.

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