Metahud update

Quick note, last night I made an update to the copy of MetaHud I’m tweaking.

The options menu is still buggered. I’m not willing to upload this to something like Curse until I get that fixed.. but it’s moving along.

If you use it and you spot bugs, please report them to me. Thanks.

2008-12-04 metahud30000-2
– Fixed bug where raid icon wasn’t updating if the target’s icon was changed after targeting it.
– Moved the raid icon location so it’s overlapping the target’s name
– Started to add DK info. You can now target a DK with causing an error.

1 thought on “Metahud update

  1. Hey, I was wondering if not only updating MetaHUD as you are doing, very well may I add

    but if you wouldnt mind adding a standalone addon also available.

    That just has the health + mana/rage/energy/etc. bar on it.

    So it would look like the origonal but just be “your” health + consumption bars on it.

    Thanks, and I hope you get round to doing it!!

    Drop me and email if you feel like reply’ing =)

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