Spellstones and macros

So, I have this macro:

/use Grand Spellstone
/cast [button:2] Create Spellstone

It’s a fairly simple macro. If I left click it, it uses the spellstone in my inventory and applies the “enchant” to my weapon. If I don’t have a spellstone, I right-click the button to create a spellstone. It’s a tidy little macro.

At least it was.

This worked until I learned the newest rank of Spellstone. The newest rank of Spellstone renamed the spellstone to “Grand Spellstone”. I updated the name of the macro.. and now I can’t right-click to create spellstones. I fiddled with it for a while.. and then decided it’s borked.

I’ve already filed two GM tickets about this.

Ticket 1:
I can’t get a macro of /cast Create Spellstone to work. IE when I put /cast Create spellstone into a macro it doesn’t work.

GM Response 1:
{paraphrased} We can’t give in-game tips.

Ticket 2:
{describe ticket 1} {describe response 1}
Are you smoking crack? I didn’t ask where to find eternal fire.. or what strategy to use to defeat Ingar.. I reported that your system won’t allow me to make a macro for something that I should be able to make a macro for.

GM Response 2:
Greetings [Nibuca],
Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department.
Game Masters are unable to assist with Macro creation. Please refer to our Macro and UI forums.

Now, it -is- possible that I’ve borked my macro and -I- messed it up.. but it’s a really short macro. I’ve read through it a few times.. and seriously I can’t see what I could have borked. At this point I’m tempted to just let it go. BUT I’m interested to know… is anyone else having this problem? Should I bother to try again?

5 thoughts on “Spellstones and macros

  1. I sometimes have issues when putting in spell/ability names as a macro. I tend to have my spellbook open as well as the macro window, and just Shift-click the spell so it appears in the macro section as it should. So far it’s served me well … see how that goes. Good luck!

    Shasmos last blog post..Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

  2. This is the Macro I use for Spellstone creation/use. I got it from the Useful Warlock Macros page on Wowwiki and modified it a bit.

    /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
    /cast [button:1] Create Spellstone
    /use [button:2] Demonic Spellstone
    /use 16
    /click StaticPopup1Button1
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

  3. Here are the ones I use. Pretty much the same as above

    /use Grand Firestone
    /use 16
    /cast [button:2] Create Firestone

    /use Grand Spellstone
    /use 16
    /cast [button:2] Create Spellstone

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