Gettin’ Shiny

Last night was a good night to be a Lilac. One good thing about being newly 80 is that almost everything is an upgrade. I started the night by making two Turkey pot pies and using up the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers (not directly WoW related.. but still.. homemade pot pie is nothing to sneeze at). While the pies were cooking I went over the Borean Tundra and started on the Kalu’ak quests at the Quarry over there. I was 17k rep away from Exalted when I started.. now I’m 12k away. I’m also not entirely certain I’ve finished all of the Kalu’ak regular quests (especially since I haven’t found the BT daily…).

As I was finishing the Quarry quests guildies started forming a group for Utgarde Pinnacle (I’d never been). I volunteered and wrapped up my Quarry questing.

I then quickly transported over to Ironforge and respec’d. I fiddled some points around in Affliction and moved out of Demonology and into Destruction. New spec: 55/0/16. I’ve been fiddling with the spec off-line and wanted to get it in play so I could start testing it out.

We had a very good run in Utgarde Pinnacle. I don’t think we wiped at all. I ended up getting [item]Jeweled Coronation Sword[/item]. Which, when enchanted, will be better than the badge blade I’ve been using.

The instance when by so quickly.. guildies suggested that we go try Halls of Lightening (I’d never been). We had another very good run. Again, I don’t think we wiped at all. I ended up getting [item]Cape of Seething Steam[/item] and [item]Ancient Measuring Rod[/item].

Still feeling perky the group continued on to do a Heroic Drak’Tharon Keep. The trash were wussies, the bosses were a little bit more challenging. I again made myself the loot whore and picked up [item]Temple Crystal Fragment[/item] and [item]Savage Wound Wrap[/item].

Afterwards I spent a very long time at the Dalaran bank fiddling sets around. Right now, in my “trash” set I can hit the Heroic spell hit cap (158) with ~1200 spell power. In my “Boss” set I can get ~1000 spell power with ~357 spell hit rating (13.61% hit) which when combined with my 3% hit rating from Suppression/Cataclysm and 1% Dranei bonus puts me at 0% miss rate for level 83 bosses. Not a moment too soon.. ’cause we’re heading into Naxx-10 tonight.

For the runs last night I averaged 1100-1300 dps. On Boss fights I was at around 1400-1600. This is a significant improvement over earlier this week(700 trash, 1400 boss). I credit this to the respec.. and a change in casting sequences. At this point my rotations are:

Quick trash: Corruption, SB/DL@25%.
Slow trash: Corruption, Haunt, Unstable Affliction, Immolate, SB/DL@25%.
3-pulls: Corruption, CoA on each of those pulled, then Corruption, SB/DL@25%
3+ pulls: SoC until there’s only 2-3 left, then the same as 3-pulls.
Boss: SB, Haunt, UA, Immo, Corruption, CoA, Siphon Life, refresh as necessary and fill with SB/DS@25%

I’m significantly more happy with my performance in these instances and I’m hopeful that I’ll get to go into Naxx tonight.

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  1. I just hit Exalted with the Kalu’ak last night! Got my penguin and considered buying the fishing pole, but at 102g I decided to wait.

    The BT daily is in Kaskala. The nearest FP is in Unu’pe (if you haven’t been there, you can take a turtle boat from Moa’ki Harbor). Once you get there go west along the coast line and you’ll coome up on a Kalu’ak town that’s being attacked by Vrykul. There is a quest giver on the western side of town. He has the daily to pick up baskets around town and also a regular quest chain to kill Vrykul in the town.

    Galadrias last blog post..Just Because it Amuses Me

  2. Cape of Seething Steam is the highest hit pve cloak drop in the game. Congrats on the drop!

    Dark Soldier Cape is identical but needs reputation from Knights of the Ebon Blade to Honored.

    That is a something that will not get upgraded for a long time.

    hydras last blog post..Back to Warlockery

  3. You may notice a bit higher dps if you move 2 points out of eradication(because you only need 1 point in it, or so says the math) and put those 2 points in deaths embrace for an extra 10% crit on mobs when they are below 20% health, or slide the 2 points over to improved shadowbolt to get the full effect.

    I have cape of seething steam now, it is awesome, gl in naxx!

  4. @Ammordius
    I’d be interested in links to this math you speak of 🙂

    Also, I thought about Death’s Embrace: Increases the amount drained by your Drain Life by 10/20/30% while your health is at or below 20% health, and increases the critical strike chance of your Shadow spells by 5/10/15% when your target is at or below 20% health. (I’m pretty sure wowhead’s tip is wrong)

    The increase to drain life is nice.. but lately I’m not often below 50% health.. let alone 20% health. Still, that’d be a bonus.

    The second part.. when the mob is below 20% health.. I’m watching my dots tick down.. and using Drain Soul. I’m not sure if 10-15% more crit chance would make SB worth more than DS@25%.

    Drain Soul can’t crit. Because I’m spec’d into Pandemic this would add 10-15% to my crit rate with UA and Corruption. Hmmm.

    But.. if 1/3 Eradication is enough.. that may be 2 points to move around.

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