Mighty Feast

Feast requires 1 chunk o’ Mammoth, 1 Shoveltusk Flank, 1 Worm Meat, and 4 Chilled Meat.

Wah, it’s too hard to get all four pieces of different meats.
Poor me.. I just can’t get my cooking skill advanced


I’m cooking a feast for 80 people this weekend. I have 15 lbs of Venison, 28 lbs of chicken, 36 lbs of pork roast.. and I haven’t even talked about the 24 pies I cooked. I spent all day Friday on my feet. You think “Small Feast” is hard. Pfft. Whatever.

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  1. I’m coming to your place for dinner.


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  2. Heh.. ok, I guess this post did lack context.

    I’m a member of the SCA, a medieval recreation organization and I specialize in cooking. A little over a year ago I volunteered to cook a feast. I was given a very generous budget and made a feast plan. The feast consisted of 3 courses.

    First course:
    Venison with Furmenty (venison in gravy with a wheat berry side)
    Capoun in Salome (Chicken in a saffron almond milk sauce)
    Buttered Wortes (wilted greens in butter)
    Pies de Payrse (Pork pies with currants, dates and cinnamon)
    Soppes Dorrey (Onion Soup)

    Second course:
    Boublier of fresh Boar (Pork cooked in vinegar with spices (very very flavorful and tender))
    Decorated Rice (Essentially rice pudding with cinnamon)
    Sallet of many herbs and flowers (Green Salad with lots of herbs, decorated with rose leaves)(rose leaves are very tasty)

    Lase course:
    Boars Head Soetlety (A “boar’s head” made of fruit cake and marzipan)
    Pears in Wine (Pears cooked in red wine with syrup)

    All of the recipes came from medieval cookbooks.

    I took off Thursday and Friday from work, did all my shopping on Thursday and most of my prep on Friday. I had 7 people who helped me in the kitchen.

    We sent out all of our courses on time.. and there was only one dish I wasn’t terribly happy about (the onion soup). All the other dishes were very tasty and seemed to please the feasters. Even the soup was “ok” but I know I could have done better. Next time I’ll use white wine and start by making an onion stock. The onions went out -very- purple from the red-wine.

    Anyway, that’s why I’ve been so quiet the last few weeks.. I’ve been up to my ears in planning for this.

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