Addon: Livestock

Livestock manages your mounts and your non-combat pets.

You can designate which non-combat pets you don’t want to summon and it will randomly choose from the remaining pets.

You can designate which mounts you want it to use (or don’t want to use).. and it will randomly choose from the remainign mounts. You can generate a land-mount macro and an air-mount macro. It also has the ability to generage a “Smart” macro.. but I’ve found it’s not all that smart. So instead of using the “smart” macro I fiddled the ground/air mount macros around until I got the following:

/click [nocombat,flyable,button:1] LivestockFlyingMountsButton
/click [nocombat,button:2]LivestockLandMountsButton
/dismount [mounted]

Left-click to summon a flying mount.
Right-click to summon a ground mount.
If you’re already mounted, dismount.

-I- decide whether I want a ground or air mount. It works like a charm.

This macro is saved in my “General” macros.. and once I configure it for each toon, it immediately works.

2 thoughts on “Addon: Livestock

  1. Looks like you’re still deciding pre addon whether you want a land or air mount, which means this will also be problematic with Northrend’s [flyable]-but-you-can’t-fly-here zones. Basically everywhere pre 77 and mainly just Dal post 77.

    My macro is something like (mont names have been changed to protect their identity)
    /cast [mounted] Dismount;[mod:alt]Horse;[flyable]Bird;Horse

    Of course substitute the addon call for the mount names and you’d be set. Bqasically this autoselects the appropriate mount, but lets me hold alt to override and force the ground mount in the problem zone(s). If you’re a clicker, you can substitute button:2 for the mod:alt — or you can set it to work either way:

    /cast [mounted] Dismount;[mod:alt][button:2]Horse;[flyable]Bird;Horse

    Hey, if you wanted to hang out with <30s you could go

    /cast [mounted] Dismount;[mod:ctrl]SlowHorse;[mod:alt][button:2]Horse;[flyable]Bird;Horse

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