Progress report: Locket turns 6

Locket is on her way to be my twink. She’s my first twink.. and I started last night at level 4 and dinged 5 while exploring the Barrens down to Wailing Caverns. She then hearthed and started on her tradeskills.

She easily fished up to 50 and cooked up to 30. I suppose I’ll pick up first aid. It seems silly not to.

For her first primary tradeskill she took Engineering. There are nice twink head googles within her reach. With the help of an in-family miner supplying copper and rough stone she got to 70. Additional tradeskill leveling will need to wait until she gets level 10.

Fishing was the next obvious twink choice for the “really good” head gear. I’ve never actually participated in a STV fishing competition.. so I’m taking up engineering as an “easy” backup.
I picked up cooking for no other reason except that it seemed silly to fish up cookable fish.. and not cook them. I’ll need to locate the recipes though 😛

Engineering was the obvious twink choice for primary tradeskill. Mostly for the head gear but bombs and exploding sheep are just happy by-products.

I’m puzzled as to what to choose for my second primary tradeskill.

Inscription has some nice Scribe-only off-hands. I’ll need to compare those to the suggested off-hands. Also it looks like even a tiny little Scribe can do minor glyph research. So there’s a potential money maker.

I’m tempted to take up Herbalism for my second profession. Since the level limit was lifted on gathering professions, it seems to me that I could level herbalism all the way up and get access to a nice sized LifeBlood for a nice heal every 3 minutes. Then again.. lifeblood may be level based. Need to investigate that. I’m also worried that in leveling herbalism I might get too much discovery XP.

Skinning offers the additional crit chance. I think this suffes the same problems as Herbalism. I’m not sure if the crit chance is level limited.. and I’m worried about getting too much discovery XP in levelling my skinning.

Mining has a stamina boost. Same thing.

A quick stop at the AH and she acquired: [item]Pagan Mantle[/item], [item]Bright Belt[/item], [item]Bright Bracers[/item], [item]Pagan Mitts[/item], [item]Bronze Band of Force[/item], and an [item]Antipodean Rod[/item].

Also, an in-house jeweler made her a [item]Thick Bronze Necklace[/item].

Unfortunately she can’t wear any of this stuff yet. So she ended the night by dinging 6 while killing kobolds and more defias in the starter zone.

All-in-all, I think it’s going well.

4 thoughts on “Progress report: Locket turns 6

  1. I’m fairly sure that discovery XP has scaling level restrictions.

    For example a level 79 discovering crossroads gets a whopping 4-8 XP. BUT I’m fairly certain it works the other way as well. As a level 60 discovering areas in Hellfire I think the average is 1100-1350 XP whereas a level 1 brought there by a warlock would get about 150 XP max.

    So it may be in your best interest if you wanted to discover areas more at the lower levels with an escort before you get higher numbers for the discovery XP and be more passive in the killing things department. That way when you want to go to the areas as a higher level twink gathering you won’t get the bigger XP gains.

  2. The mining, skinning, herbalism prof bonuses are based on your prof level, i.e. when I dinged 450 herbalism I learned the max rank lifeblood, also on an alt I started after bonuses I didnt learn the crit bonus until I skinned up to level 75 so it seems that you learn your bonus every 75 skill points.

  3. Exploding sheep are the most fun ever.

    They aren’t really hugely effective, given they block you from using grenades whilst active, then activate the one minute cooldown when they explode, but there is nothing more amusing than dropping an exploding sheep and watching it rogue hunt.

    For your second tradeskill, I’d definately suggest Herbalism. At level 19, I think the second rank (or was it even the first?) was healing my druid for about 75% of his health, and it’s a flat HP heal no matter your level – based only on tradeskill level. Given the max rank heals something along the lines of 2k, I can see that being very effective for a level 19 twink.

    Faulseys last blog post..Easy-PvPeasy!

  4. I’d love to do some research for you, unless you like to discover new stuff on your own for your twinkie. You didn’t mention what class, but I am guessing caster by the stuff you have tucked away. Just a little hint…I promise not to go to far…there is a quest inside Blackfathom Deeps from a dead (or half dead) npc that has you kill the end boss that nets a very very nice wand (if I remember right the item level was in the high twenties). It’s called Blackfathom Villainy.

    I had a priest twinkie at 19 for kicks, but she died and became a death knight 🙂 The 19 bracket is a bunch of fun. Careful leveling!

    Shawndras last blog post..Spend some of those shards on your twink!

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