Molten Core vs ISB (the “feels” arguement)

This is the “feels” arguement. There will be no math involved in this comparison. Check out EJ. I’m sure they have math.

*curse* *stomp* *rant*
EJ says: OH my (note the snooty little voice here) if your crit percent is low(ie 10% or less) you really benefit more from Molten Core than from Improved Shadow Bolt.

Yabut.. grrrr.

Is it better to have something that procs rarely but benefits alot of spells.. or something that procs frequently but benefits only one spell?

Situation 1: Trash pull. I cast Corruption, (haunt), SB++. Molten Core procs like crazy.. I get to run around with flame-y hands.. and a “+Molten Core” floating above my head.. and it does NOTHING for me. *grumble* I almost feel compelled to cast Immolate at that point just to see some kind of benefit.

Situation 2: Boss pull. I cast SB, Haunt, corruption, UA, Immolate, CoA, SL, SB++ (DS@25%). Molten Core procs like crazy, but ONLY ONE SPELL gets a little bit bigger.

Seriously. I -feel- better with ISB. AT least then 90% of what I’m casting benefits on all pulls.. instead of 10% benefiting only a tiny fraction of the time.

At this point I just respec’d to “trying it out” and I admit.. it’s kinda cool to see it proc like crazy.. but I’d like it more if I benefit from the procs more.

I think I might need to poke the maths to find out where the “turning point” crit percent is. I just “feel” better with ISB… even in it’s current gimped format.

5 thoughts on “Molten Core vs ISB (the “feels” arguement)

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but last I read since the big shadow destro nerf DoT’s no longer benefit from ISB uptime. So the “90% of what I’m casting benefits on all pulls” statement may not be all that true.

  2. Oh my.. See I read “all shadow damage” as meaning all damage. I’m reading here that it doesn’t benefit dot damage. That’s just disappointing.


    Molten core in my current casting sequence only benefits Immolate.
    ISB in my current casting sequence only benefits Shadow Bolt.

    *grumble* that’s very disappointing.

    I mean really what’s the point? *grumble*

  3. You are correct in your line of thinking. In reality it’s Blizzard who needs to either fix the tooltip of ISB so it says “Shadow Bolt Damage” or have it affect DoT’s again in which case it would be a no brainer for Affliction locks to go for ISB over MC.

  4. Agreed w/ “what’s the point”

    Both seem marginal to me. What about throwing those talent points into the +hit point talents (If you haven’t already) and then spend your gear points you free up on more spell power? That’s what I’m doing. If it so happens that Blizz puts ISB back to helping DoTs, I’d probably move those points back, at least some of them. Also, those two talents lower the mana cost, so *shrug*, makes me feel better about being globally useful.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Happy Holidays

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