Heroic Ahn’kahet sucks balls

We only got 2/4 bosses down in Heroic Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom.

Hints on Boss #1: kill the big spiders or else everyone becomes immune.
Hints for Boss #2: the blood sucking is shadow damage. So Priests should do their shadow protection. Warlocks, when he phases out pop your Shadow Ward and prevent 3k of his damage.
Hints for Boss #3: idaknow.. we couldn’t dps the add down fast enough so she got the 200% damage buff and killed us everytime.
Hints for Boss #4: Hate this boss. No hints here. I couldn’t get my fears to stick, I couldn’t kill a single other player. Other bloggers say to run around and just wait for the timer to end.. but that feels like cheese-dicking it. I don’t know. I was so frustrated with this I was practically in tears. Honestly this felt like all the things I hated about PVP. I was powerless.. and nothing I did worked.. and oh, by-the-way You, the warlock are dead and the FUCKING HOLY PALLY lived. Fucking humiliating.

You know.. everyone’s going off saying how everything is easy. Maybe I just suck.. because it’s not all roses and teddy bears.

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  1. Okay… deep breaths. It’s okay. In with the good. Out with the bad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so upset.

    You need somebody to send you roses and teddy bears? lol.

    Note: I have not done a single heroic, so it may be as difficult as you say. But it’s just a game. :o)

  2. Yeah.. I was very upset after the run. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to think of something to do that cheered me up (I made a movie about Nostromo 🙂 )

    Ok.. after some thought.. I think I’ll spec into Shadowburn, at least that will give me one more thing I can try for bursting down the adds on the second boss.

    For the last boss… I think it was the “nothing I’m doing is working” part that got me.. on this boss it’s a personal fail on my part. I’d die and the rest of the group would fight for a couple more minutes. So indeed, I’m sucking.. and I -really- don’t like sucking.

    I think I’ll spec into CoEx so I can at least hope to slow them down.. maybe I can run around and wear them all out.

    Oh.. and for the record, The Demonic Circle thing.. SUCKS. Freaking 40 yard range. If I can see it across the room I should be able to teleport to it. Stupid useless ability.

  3. Yes, but does Demonic Circle work? Just imagine having a core ability that allows you to blink 20 yards away, unless there’s an obstacle like a blade of grass in your way. Oh, and did I mention that Wow was launched with mages having Blink and it still screws up anywhere that isn’t almost completely 100% flat? lol.

    I’ll check out the video tonight when I no longer have corporate firewalls.

  4. I had a bad Heroic Old Kingdom run recently too. It all started with our mage having connection issues ending our attempt at an all guild achievement and daily run (the daily you get right outside not the heroic daily). But losing the mage allowed us to attempt the “4 man” achievement on the second boss. After two wipes, first due to me, the healer, getting hit by the vampiric gimmick and the second due to low DPS (our fury warrior was horribly undergeared) we finally called it quits on that boss and called in a mage from LFG. By this time the trash had respawned (we skipped Elder since by not killing him you can respawn the trash at the start to complete the daily easily). After clearing the trash we were able to two shot the second boss (first time we died due to me running out of range of the tank during the fire balls). After this kill we lost our warrior and had to replace him with a guild Paladin who needed to respec Ret first. Needless to say this took time and we had already been in this place for a long time by now so everyone was a bit tired of the place but all of us, even the non guild mage, were dead set on getting some achievements out of this place.

    After we got the Ret Paladin in (who more than doubled our Fury Warrior in DPS) we had to reclear trash again, but this allowed all of us to get a fresh corpse from the spiders at the start, we cleared straight to the last boss and snuck around behind him to burn the corpses. Then we started our second attempt at a boss achievement (kill the last boss in 2 minutes) but lost our mage before the first insanity and even though we one shot the boss we did it in longer than 2 minutes.

    Next we went to Ms Floaty and attempted her achievement, which calls for killing her without killing any of the Volunteers that cause her to enrage. During the first enrage we lost our Ret Paladin and Rogue but I was able to keep the Paladin tank up. During the second enrage I used Pain Suppression and during the 3rd the tank used Divine Protection (the new and improved “shield wall” version is nice). Some how with only 3 of us we were able to kill her by just healing through the enrages and allowing the mage and me to stay alive at range.

    The mushroom boss went down fast next, no achievement linked to him that I know of though I didn’t check too hard. Finally we went back to the Elder. Really the “achievement” version sounds easier than normal if you have good DPS. Basically we had our rogue pull him with a thrown dagger then sprint back to the instance portal where the rest of the group stood ready to intercept. Let the Tank position him as close to the portal as possible and then all at once unleash DPS using all your cooldowns and burn the boss down ASAP. The Achievement comes from NOT killing any of his big spider spawns, the reason you have to DPS him down fast is that they will spawn and start running towards him at the instance portal if they get to you before you kill him you are forced to kill them.

    All in all it was fun, worth 2 achievements above just the Heroic one and the daily quest gold paid for the repairs. But it was long as heck.

  5. When you fight your copies, concentrate on staying alive; your burst dps friends should be able to help you out once they have killed their own copies. Dot all of the copies with Siphon Life, and maybe try Voidwalker to grab attention?

    For the 3rd boss, I read somewhere you can kite her quite a long way, so that by the time she catches your tank, her debuff has almost run its course.
    I haven’t done it but it must be worth trying.
    Cheer up !

  6. “FUCKING HOLY PALLY lived. Fucking humiliating.”

    Yea. I killed the Mage. Killed the rogue. Half killed the warrior. I couldn’t even dent to the Holy pally. So I died. *shrug*

    If anything it is not a boring fight!

    *goes off to watch Nib’s new video”

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  7. Yeah the spider heroic’s are about the hardest. They have good loot for tanks so undergeared tanks aways want to run them. Spider heroic’s is the only place where I have needed to use cc on trash in WotLK.

  8. I’m totally with you on boss #4. I caught a case of Arena Shivers over the fight. Its what I get when I’m in an arena match, am totally powerless to do anything to the opponent, and hate everything and everyone I can get my hands on. Aside: I stopped doing Arenas early in S4 because my sanity wasn’t worth a purple shiny. Plus, they tied rating to purple shiny, so I couldn’t even get that if i wanted 🙁

    Back to the Old Kingdom…I’m the stupid BM Hunter who tops the meters for our 25-person raids. And I couldnt even DENT one of the other players.

    But. But.. Our GM was on his Elemental Shaman alt. He, and the other three players, all killed the adds, but not me. I couldn’t do it.

    Arena Shivers, ftl

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  9. “FUCKING HOLY PALLY lived. Fucking humiliating.”

    Sorry, lmao, we’re cockroaches.

    Boss #1 – had one tank have us fight in the doorway so all the adds came to a neck that could AoE’d down. Not sure this worked great, but it seemed to work. Just be careful of that pat that comes behind you. Don’t get too close.

    Boss #2 – having a pally use fire aura helps out tons. Trick here is have the tank run to the far corner on the initial pull. Range and healers stay in the middle. Soon as he starts his fire orbs, run to the corner at the stairs you came in at. This’ll reduce the effective area of the orbs and you’ll take less damage. When he does it again, run to the opposite corner. Otherwise it’s just a dps race to get him to drop the vampiric thing.

    Boss #3 – the healer should hopefully have everyone topped off by the time this add pops up. At that point the healer should help dps. As a holy pally, I drop consecrate in it’s way, judge it, and hit it with holy shock. It’s not a ton of damage, but it’s just enough to get the job done so she doesn’t get her ungodly buff.

    Boss #4 – totally agree with vlad. That said, I’m not surprised as most locks and some mages that i’ve known die in this fight. Main thing to do is kill the healer. One of my friends curses me on vent every time we do this fight as my double is a cockroach he has trouble killing.

    Boss #5 – oh yes, there is another. I had no idea until I ran it for the third time. After coming through the tunnel from the 2nd boss, look down and to your left. There’s a pathway leading down to a mushroom area. If you get a debuff, hit a healthy mushroom, otherwise stay away from the poisonous ones.

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  10. Hey, I just found your blog. I love it so far! I’m also a lock, and have found it next to impossible to get through Boss #4. I’ve found its totally impossible to try and nuke through the fight. I’ve tried everything. If I decide to wait it out, I usually do the fear, kite, teleport, sack voidwalker, healthstone, pot tactic, JUST FOR THE FIRST INSANITY! Cripes! God forbid I try and make it through a second one. So, I’ve given up. I just SS myself. If I die, I use the SS rez after the second insanity is over, and nuke the bastard down. Good luck!

  11. Just got done with a somewhat disappointing first Old Kingdom run (heroic, no less). It took a little bit of time to figure out the key to dealing with the last boss’s insanity debuff: *TAKE THE HEALER OUT OF THE FIGHT*. This is critically important – If you don’t he/she runs merrily around undoing all that wonderful damage you’ve been inflicting faster than you can lay it back down. As an affliction lock, the way I found that worked best was to fear the healer, dot everyone else up thoroughly, then pop Howl of Terror when everyone ran up to beat on me and use the brief downtime to bandage. As long as the healer stays out of things, the rest of the images are reasonably easy to deal with (only 12K health each), and once they’re down, the healer is cake. The boss himself didn’t pose any real difficulty, fortunately.

    We got all the bosses except for Jedoga, mostly because we couldn’t seem to impress onto everyone that it was really important to burn the adds down FAST, and once Jedoga enraged, that was it for us.

    One thing that I really don’t like about this instance is the ridiculously quick respawns, I don’t really want to have to clear trash over and over again just to get back to the boss encounter.

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