Why am I a tailor again?

Frozen Shadow Weave. Yup, that’s why Lilac’s a tailor.

So now we’re in Wrath and I’m looking at the goodies:

– Spellthread
– Embroideries
– Flying Carpet

The rest of everything is BoE. So it looks good on the surface.. but not so much when you dig into it.

Strike one:
Tailors get to make for themselves only the Sanctified Spellthread and Master’s Spellthread which are an upgrade from Azure Spellthread and Shining Spellthread Well.. except that you can get the exact same stats on spellthread if you find a tailor who has the proper rep to make Brilliant Spellthread or Sapphire Spellthread. So even without being a tailor, you have access to the same leg enchants as the BoP Tailoring ones.

Strike two:
Embroideries.. these are on-yourself only enchantments to your cloak. Sounds nice huh? Currently available there are two that might interest a warlock:
Darkglow Embroidery – Requires tailoring 400 – Proc: Restore 300 mana when you cast a spell (not sure if it procs on dot ticks)
Lightweave Embroidery – Requires tailoring 400 – Proc: 1000-1200 holy damage (doesn’t appear to proc on dot ticks)

Note.. neither procs on dots. So for a warlock it really looks like Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed +23 haste is better.

Foul ball:
Flying carpets. Whee. Seriously? That’s the only compelling reason left for me to stay a tailor? Geez.

My baseball rules are weak.. if you get a foul ball on the third one, doesn’t it count as the third strike?

Tailoring for the long run isn’t looking like a strong contender.

7 thoughts on “Why am I a tailor again?

  1. I am totally underwhelmed by Tailoring, even more so than in BC. At least in BC you got to make yourself some imba gear. In Wrath there is very little to encourage me to grind my way to 450.

    The magic carpet? Nice idea, but I don’t like the way it looks at all, nor the way you stand on it rather than sit.

    Alchemy, Jewlecrafting and Enchanting offer so much more.

  2. I totally agree with you that the current tailoring is broken and, well… lame. But I’ve also stated that I don’t believe they have finished it yet. Not sure they’ll actually give us tailors Bop items, but I’m sure they’ll add other things. Heck, atm, there’s literally no reason to hit 450. At 445 you can learn every item out there. Heck, at 440, you can learn all except for Glacial Bags that require Exhalted with Sons of Hodir. As of this writing, Engineering is the ONLY profession that has items that require 450 skill to make.

    Yeah… ummm.. wtb finished professions.

  3. I was just thinking the other day how bad Tailoring was in WotLK as compared to BC. With the ease that we’re clearing raid content I might skip making the Moonshroud items in favor of getting drops.

    Chriss last blog post..The Priest is Now Level 80!

  4. On the other hand, if you copy paste the foul ball before strike two and change that to “three”…. You’re OUT!

    I too an underwhelmed…

  5. I’m a 450 tailor that’s currently facing the same dilema. Alchemy is loooking very, VERY attractive to me with the extended flask durations. The only things that holding me back is that they may be BoE pattern > BoP gear drops that may become good contendors for best in slot items in the upcoming content patches. I can only hope.

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