Happy Holidays, Merry New Year, etc.

Hi all, did you miss me?

What follows is a random stream of consciousness bullet point list of things that occur to me. This save you all from death by 1,001 random postings.

  • Work closed for two weeks (yeah for holiday vacation). So I had two weeks of almost un-interrupted Wow time. I didn’t quite burn out on Wow.. but I was totally ready to go back to work.
  • Did another Heroic Old Kingdom. I managed to live through the first Insanity.. but most of the rest of my group died. Current method: Use VW to tank some of the other people in the group .. and run circles around the columns at the back of the room (essentially pole humping) while dotting everyone up (especially Siphon Life).
  • 25-man VoA and OS are dead easy. I’ve pugged it two weeks in a row. Granted, in these pugs I’m having ok-for-me-but-abysmal-when-compared-to-everyone-else DPS (1.4-1.6k normal). But at least I’m there. I’m also having abysmal fps. It’s like watching a slideshow of the fight..and it’s really hurting my DPS (not to mention I die in alot of “can’t you see the very obvious wall of flame” type things). I’m really certain a new computer is in my near future.
  • Lilac now has completed “Sunwell Plateau” 25-man for the achievement. It was a painful slog.. and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. But I’m glad I got to at least see the content. I did win a sunmote.. it’s like a vaguely cool souvenir.
  • West Kingdom finally fielded a successful Naxx run. We downed two bosses in the Construct Quarter and Patchwerk. I was at 2.2k dps on Patchwerk. I think I was #1 or #2 for that fight. Overall I think I was #3 or #4. Aside from better gear (and actually getting enchants(see next)) I’m puzzling about what I could change to up that.
  • Lilac is missing 4 big enchants. Altogether they require ~150 infinte dust. I ran out of Infinite Dust a few weeks ago while doing tailoring. That’s even with sending every green that will not sell to my enchanter. So I finally decided to level Tatia (my enchanter) just to be able to DE the BOEs. She’s now 72.. and yesterday I saw an announcement that they’re changing the mat requirements for alot of enchantements.. so despite the lameness of it.. I think I’m going to hold off for a while longer on getting those really mat intensive enchantment until after 3.0.8 patch is released. I’m also going to hold off on leveling Tatia’s enchanting.
  • Tatia, my pally enchanter, is leveling Retribution. It’s my first time as ret. I don’t like it as much as warlocking. I spend more time watching cooldowns than watching the fight.
  • Tatia started off in Howling Fjord the same as Lilac. Even though it’s only be ~a month Blizz has already subtlely altered some of the quests (or I have a very abysmal memory). It’s weird running it again and thinking “Ugh, this quest, last time these mobs were totally camped .. it took 20 mins to get 2 of them” and then finding that now getting 2 of them takes like 1 minute.
  • Lilac is a Merrymaker.. and Hallowed. Looking over the events for “What a long strange trip it’s been..” I’m going to be in trouble on the Valentines day ones. Every year, this one included, I take a 1-2 week vacation over valentine’s day. I’m off camping in the desert near Phoenix and have no real access to a computer. So I’m not sure how I’m going to get those achievements done. Hrm.
  • Add me to the list of people who hate the “Grabby-Stabby” Hodir quest. The first time was double annoying in that the “buffs with counters” don’t show up with the addons I’m using for my UI. It turns out I have to turn off Dottimer and Buffalo in order to see the buffs with counters. Even then, I do the quest in my bra/underwear with all of my gear in my bags… and with the slowfall lager from Frosthold hotkeyed so if I get dropped I can pop a beer.

    There -is- something really amusing about being able to say that when I succeed, I leap triumphantly off the corpse and into the snow, bloodied and naked (and slightly drunk) having killed a Frost Wyrm only by stabbing it with a stick. I think if I were a guy I’d beat my chest.. or something.

  • I think alot of everyone has already gotten Hodir exalted. I’m finding it fairly easy to complete the dailies.. and can usually find 2-5 Everfrost chips.
  • Locket, my wanna-be-a-twink baby-warlock, is still level 6. I started to level her by doing regular level 6 quests.. and then remembered I wanted to level her herbalism (which will involve an escort and alot of exploring xp). So this may take a while. Regardless she’s now the head of my fiscal operations and GM of my guild-of-one “Learn To Play” (which I find to be a -hilarious- name for a twink guild).
  • Note to self: Just because you see that there’s no Dream Dust on the AH at all.. that’s no reason to think you can possibly make a profit by jacking up the price 400%. AND even if you -do- see that, it’s just plain dumb to list -ALL- 85 of your dream dusts in 17 little 5 dust stacks. It just screams “HEY!! UNDERCUT ME!”. Scanning the auction house late at night. Noticed.. no dream dust. I spent 50g buying DEables and DEd them for ~85 dream dust, 10 lesser nether essence and 1 shard. The essences and the shard sold by the next day and paid back my 50g investment. So I’m left with alot of not-selling dream dust. I’ve listed some of them again. I think they’ll sell this time. I don’t know what I was smoking. Though.. I did manage to jack the market up ~200% of “normal”.

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  1. Started to play ret when i started to lvl 71-80 and i must say that it rocks. And now when i do heroics i have 2,5k-2,9k dps after a full run.

  2. You were missed. And it’s very nice to know that my DPS numbers are normal-if-crappy. 🙂 Not that I hadn’t suspected as much, just… a lot of warlocks are shy about their numbers right now… its like we got a bad rash or something and the panacea just hasn’t been invented yet. C’mon blizz alchemists!

    Fulguraliss last blog post..It’s a Geyser!

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