Known Bugs: Warlock

There’s a surprising amount of “known bugs” in the warlock world. Surprising in that I didn’t know about that. I wanted to compile the list in one place so I could keep track of them.

Shadow Embrace race condition. Only one Shadow Embrace debuff can be on a mob at a time. So if you have more than one Affliction warlock in the raid that’s spec’d into Shadow Embrace, then the first one to get one onto the boss will be the only one to benefit from the damage increase. Warlocks without the stack lose ~2-3% dps. This is noted as “fixed” in patch 3.0.8.

Immolate dropping. If you refresh immolate before the last tick has gone off on a boss then only the direct damage portion will hit the mob. The dot will fall off and not refresh. It -seems- that this may only happen when the first immolate is effected by a spell damage increasing effect. The second dot has lower spelldamage so essentially runs into the “a more powerful spell is active” and the dot falls off rather than refreshing. I haven’t seen reference to a fix to this bug yet. It may end up as “working as intended” and you just can’t overwrite a dot with a lower spell power dot. I guess that’s good…

Felhunter not attacking. Randomly it seems the felhunter will stop casting Shadow Bite and just stand there. I haven’t seen reference to a fix to this bug yet. My felhunter is doing craptastic damage (~120dps). Also, the Shadow bite doesn’t seem to be getting the +5% damage/dot on the mob effect.

Everlasting Affliction refreshes Corruption at the lowest coefficient. When EA refreshes your corruption it uses the base coefficient for spell power instead of the coefficient it should use based on your talents. This is noted as “fixed” in patch 3.0.8.

Haunt not working on second mob. Situation: Haunt and then dot mob 1, Haunt and then dot mob 2. Haunt #2 causes haunt #1 to expire and heal you but haunt #2 doesn’t seem to do anything and when it expires it doesn’t heal you. This is noted as “fixed” in path 3.0.8.

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  1. Yeah, that sounds a lot like the Blessing of Might/Battle Shout situation — Warrior’s 2 minute battle shouts overwriting my 30 minute BoM because of an insignificantly larger buff and non-stacking. Seems to me like Blizzard could use a ‘on the target but not currently active’ status. Basically, when the bigger effect expires, check the non-active buffs to see if there’s on that would now go active once the expiring one is gone. Like a card game (I’m thinking Munchkin here) where you’ve got the card out but its turned sideways because you can’t currently equip the item.

  2. As a warlock I can fairly confidently state that we don’t need the bugs to be fixed. We need a complete overhaul. PVE rotations are a pain in the neck, pvp survivability is a complete and utter joke and pet scaling is practically non-existent.

    Too bad I love my warlock… I could be a ret pally or a DK 😛

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  3. Umm… good?

    I guess this explains some of the odd behavior I’d been noticing… especially with Immolate. It’s so hard to tell if you actually have a bug, or just pressed a wrong key or something. It’s not like I’m trying to watch 6 or 7 DoT timers and do a complex spell rotation or anything.

    I hope some of these fixes show DPS improvements. The corruption fix in particular might help since it accounts for a large chunk of my DPS, plus Everlasting Affliction is a staple for refreshing this one.

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  4. @Captain the First
    I think an “overhaul” is a bit drastic. Kind of “baby with the bathwater”. I -like- my warlock and I like it as it is. I’ve already suffered through a “overhaul” with my Paladin. As it is, a paladin today is a -very- different class from the same time last year.

    I don’t think the spells individually are broken.. I just think the synergy is not as good as it should be. I like the affliction rotation in that I’m always doing -something- I dislike it in that I have to watch an addon (DoTimer) in order to know what to do next.

    That said, in PVP yes, I agree Warlocks are broken as compared to other classes. In a “burst damage” world we’re the big losers because we can’t “burst” and we can’t “mitigate” other people’s burst. I -think- Blizz is going to fix this by upping our mitigation (I think I remember a note from GC about this). Hopefully they’ll also add a smidge of burst as well.

    A smidge of burst would help with our biggest PVE short-coming.. trash (and other short fights).

    I totally understand the sentiment that “trash isn’t important”. I just don’t agree with it. Trash doesn’t win the instance.. but it makes up alot of the instance.. and bring along a warlock, who’s going to suck through 95% of the instance and shine at 5% of the instance.. it just doesn’t jive with me. I’m not asking to -top- the damage meters on trash.. I just want a decent showing.

    … I do wonder why Immolate is the only dot that’s failing. If it truly was “a more powerful spell is active” then all of my dots should give that message as I’m popping trinkets/procing gear stuff all the time.

    Granted.. Immo is the only Destruction dot…

  5. A little off-topic, but I always used to use a castsequence macro to get my dots up, then started tossing out sbolts. Ever since haunt was introduced, I can’t seem to get a decent castsequence running. I mean, here’s what I’ve been trying to do (unsuccessfully).

    Cast a sbolt (bound to hotkey 1)
    Cast Haunt (bound to hotkey 2)
    Begin castsequence macro (CoA, siphon, Corr, UA, Immo)
    Refresh Haunt
    Continue sbolt spam

    By the time I get to the sbolt spam, I have time for one or maybe two bolts. I’m spending so much time looking at the damn dotimer that I can’t even concentrate on the fights (move here, watch out for that, click this).

    Any advice? Is my sequence wrong? I heard to essentially reverse it….
    But my dps was worse than some of my kara boss fights when I tried that.

  6. Nkay.. my current “boss rotation” is:

    SB, Haunt, UA, Immolate, Corruption, CoA, SL, SB++, DS@25%

    After the first round pretty much I’m just watching my DoTimer to see which dot I need to cast next.

    It’s not really a rotation per se.

    I -try- to keep Haunt/ua/immo cast together.. but really they don’t sync up perfectly by 1.5 seconds. So either UA/immo are getting cast further and further from Haunt or I’m clipping UA/immo (which runs into the immo bug) or I’m letting Haunt (and by extention corruption) drop (bad warlock, no cookie). I currently have no solution.

    Right now affliction “rotation” is almost as much whack-a-mole as healing. Whee?

    I’m half tempted to just re-cast Haunt whenever it’s not on cooldown.. and de-couple it form Ua/Immo(though I’d leave those two coupled together). I’m toying with that. It has the benefit of keeping corruption up more effectively.. and remove the “flytime” from my haunt/corruption refreshes.

  7. One bug I’m noticed (though I dunno if it’s a functional bug or just a tooltip error) is that my Fel Armor doesn’t reflect the three points I have in Demonic Aegis.

    The spell on my bar says it increases SP by 234 plus 39% of spirit with 2/3% health regen. The tooltip when I have it on shows only the base, untalented numbers (180 plus 30% with 2% regen). I opened a ticket and got the canned “We know about it, shut up” response.

  8. Well fine maybe calling for a complete overhaul was a tad over the top 😛

    Nibuca’s rotation is pretty much spot on although I still prefer curse of elements over coa and indeed you end up juggling dots like a crazy person for most boss fights. SB rarely fits into the rotation properly and you will find that it’s a good day where you can squeeze out two of them whilst juggling dots.

    Haunt and SB put up a crucial debuff on the target which you can’t afford to let fall off so you’re going to have to haunt or SB at least on a regular interval (i.e. once in your rotation).

    Haunt or UA should be instant cast… that would take a lot of pressure off of the rotation.

    The days of SB spam and tossing up a few dots are definitely over… and so far not for the best

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