Demonic Circle: What is it good for?

On yesterday’s post, in a comment, T-Sonn wrote:

what the hell is Demonic Circle really good for? For THIS I leveled to 80?

That’s a really good question!

Good to avoid fall damage when you know you’re going to be popped up in the air.
Good to place outside a boss fight where the door closes. If it goes bad, teleport outside and possibly reset the boss.
Poor man’s “blink” to get distance.
(After 3.0.8) Removes snares.

– Ormorok the Tree-Shaper – Use to avoid the spikes/fall damage in fight.
– use to teleport away from the whirlwinding mini-boss in the iceblock room.
– Keristrasza – Use to escape ice chains (after 3.0.8 hopefully)

– Drakos the Interrogator Place it on the outside of the circle and teleport out after he pulls everyone in or if you’re the bomb or if you get blown up into the air.
– Mage-Lord Urom place circle near a column that you can hide behind when he explodes or as a quick escape from his ice field.

Violet Hold
– Place portal on the bottom floor, opposite the entry door (near the water boss) use it for repositioning after each portal.
– On the last boss, use it to teleport out after she pulls you into the middle.

Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom
– Harald “insanity” I hate your freaking guts Place it in the back of the room, by a pillar. Use it to gain distance.

Anub’Rekhan – If you are targeted for Impale, use it to teleport away or at least to prevent falling damage if you get popped up into the air by the spikes.
Grand Widow – to avoid rain of fire
Maexxna – to get back quickly after getting webbed (I wonder if it’ll clear webbing after 3.0.8)(probably not)

Grobbulus – Place it in the middle of the room. Use it to move you back to the middle after you drop your poison cloud. Alternate: Place outside the gate that closes and use it to rest the encounter if it’s a wipe.
Gluth – Use it to help kite zombies. Place portal in the middle of the room. Dot them up and kite them to the corner then teleport to gain distance and go the other direction.
Thaddius – Place it before the “Thaddius jump” just in case you miss.

Instructor Razuvious – Place it 40 yards closer to the ramp up to the next room so -if- you have to reset you can blink and gain distance.
Gothik – I haven’t done it.. but I’ve read that you can place it right where the door in the middle of the room closes. You can then teleport there and assist either side.
Four Horsemen – Especially nice on 10 if you are Warlock tanking, using it to switch to another corner of the room is nice.

Heigan – Place it on the platform so you can teleport back up there. OR place it in the dance starting position.
Loatheb – Place it as a marker for DPS to group on. That way after you go to get a spore you can return faster.

Sapphiron – Using it to help you dodge Blizzard a bit easier.

Obsidian Sanctum (Sartharion)
I place it on the spot that is in the “front” opening in the fire wall(the one near the dragon). I DPS from the back opening and then teleport to the front one when the opening is up there.

Vault of Archavon
Put one just inside the room. It makes for a quick one-button escape from dust cloud and from spikes (don’t put it outside the room as you may end up resetting the boss).

You are able to exit the Vortex and teleport back to the ground and continuing to DPS while your raid is flying in the air above you. (Watch Threat) This was nerfed in patch 3.1. No more escaping the damage. (sigh)

I hate the 40 yard range.. I can -see- further than 40 yards. I -hate- that I can -see- my circle across the room but I can’t transport to it.

7 thoughts on “Demonic Circle: What is it good for?

  1. For Ormorok the Tree-Shaper , I just step to one side. One or two steps is all it takes to get off the ice. Once in the air, then, yeah, it’s handy.

  2. Did anyone else hum that old “War” song? … Absolutely Nothing.

    I guess this sort of disproves that notion though. It’s fun, but smacks of pure gimmickiness… I’d love a *real* level 80 spell. The 3.0.8 change is pretty nice tho… I hate the lack of range as well. I think I could live with it if not for the lack of range.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Ding 20!

  3. Next time we attempt Thaddius I’m going to put my Circle on the negative side and ‘port whenever I turn negative.

  4. You know what would be nice? A REAL level eighty spell, not this barely useful gimmick.

    I tried using it on Drakos and Cyanigosa, and all those other bosses who love to pull you in for hugs, but the 30-sec cooldown really limits that crap. Not to mention when you have a tank who can’t keep the boss still long enough so that when you poof back, you drop right into Cyan’s flame breath.

    It’s still a lame excuse for a level 80 spell.

  5. great post nib and very helpful.. i never new it had all this utility although i did try it on maly and i must have been to far away because it was fail 🙁

  6. Dinged 2 days ago and was trying to think of what to do with this spell -apart from using it in IF AH 🙂

    Thanks for the list and tips.

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