Week over week: In the beginning…

Ok, so technically this should probably be titled “Week” since this is the first week.. but meh, whatever. Really I wanted to call it “Friday Five”.. but Anna (of Too Many Annas) has kind of cornered the market on that. So.. Ok.. here it is, “Week over week”.

This is here for -me- I was half tempted to post it as private.. since really it’s not all that interesting.. unless you’re me.. or kinda voyeuristic.. but the more I thought about it, the more I decided to just post it public.. heck the voyeurs can even give me tips if they’d like 😉

1. Gear
My current goal (for this weekend) is to finish Zul’drak. Once I do that I’ll get the Northrend Loremaster and be able to learn the Deathchill Cloak pattern. Deathchill yummy.

Beyond that I really need to make my “Into Naxx and beyond” warlock gear list.

In my Boss clothes self buffed I’m currently at: 450 Hit, 1845 Spellpower, 9.75% Crit chance, 241 Haste.

2. Accessories
Gems and Enchants. I’m very guilty at the moment. I’m missing enchants.. because I read they were going to be “cheaper” after 3.0.8 came out. So, betting the patch would come out “any day now”, I waited. Well it’s been 3 weeks.. and it’s starting to get embarassing.

I need:
Shoulder**, Back, Chest, Bracers, and Weapon enchants.

I currently have good gems. Thanks Boyd.

3. Dee Pee Ess
Two days ago I changed up my rotation. It looks like it’s going to make a nice difference.. but it hasn’t gotten a good work out yet.

Last night we did OS-10 and OS-25. In OS-10 I topped the meters doing ~2.1k on trash and 2.3-2.4k on the boss. It was fantastic. I cackled in glee.

In OS-25 I bumped along at about 1.7k dps. Something about 25 people’s spell effects all going off at the same time just majorly screws my fps. I was getting about 2 fps. *sigh* About half way through the run I finally opened up OptionHouse (an addon) and turned off alot of unneeded addons (Auctioneer, QuestHelper, TomTom) and turned my video settings WAY down. It helped alot.. but I still want a new computer.

4. Reputation
I dinged exalted with Kirin Tor in a regular Halls of Lightning run. I’m not sure which tabard to switch to. Guess I need to figure that out. Choices: Ebon Knights or Argent Crusade.. hmm need to check.

I’m about 3 days from Exalted with Sons of Hodir. That’s my first goal. Secondarily, I want to get the achievement for the Frenzyhearts. Once I’ve done that I will switch over to Oracles for the egg. Guess I should check Frenzyheart to see if there’s anything I want.

5. Other
Someday I plan to fish.

Someday Tatia will continue to level. Not real high priority right now.

3 thoughts on “Week over week: In the beginning…

  1. I told you it wasn’t going to be interesting.. but NO, you had to keep reading.

    🙂 Because this is just starting it’s basicly a “where I am now” and brief notes to myself about what I need to work on. Hopefully this will evolve into “what I noticed isn’t working this week” and “what I plan to do to fix it.”

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