Horray for random!

Long weekend.. full of stuff.. but not really anything that qualifies as its own post. So.. ta-da.. a blather of randomness.

At the start of a Halls of Lightning run I dinged exalted with Kirin Tor. I’m -very- bad.. at this point I don’t remember why I wanted exalted with Kirin Tor. *sigh* must dig out my notes. At the time I didn’t have another tabard with me.. so I took my tabard off and got the generic Alliance Vanguard rep. I’ve since purchased the Ebon Knights tabard.. though again.. I’m -very- bad and don’t exactly remember why I want that rep. *sigh*

I had enough Stone’s Keeper’s Shards.. so I bought the PVP mammoth. Gnomes on Mammoths are funny. That said.. it feels.. funny to use tokens that are designated as “PVP tokens” to buy a “PVP mount” when I really didn’t earn them through PVP. Just sayin’.

Monday I dinged exalted with Sons of Hodir (yeah for new shoulder enchants). This was on a daily turn -in -before- I’d done the grabby-stabby quest. I was tempted to do the grabby-stabby quest just to prove that I could.. but after thinking about it for like 3 seconds I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. I still might go back and do it. Just, you know.. to prove I can.

Monday I finally flew down to Crystal Song forest and finished exploring it.. and got the “Explored all of Northrend” achievment. .. Hooray(?!?) for ugly tabard.

On Monday I also finally finished my last quest in Zul’Drak and got the “Loremaster of Northrend” achievement completed. Yeah for Deathchill cloak recipe. … Only.. on Friday I’d mentioned to guildies that I was working towards that achievement so I could make the cloak.. and they got the mats together and made the cloak for me. So it was only because I have a “completionist” mentality that I finished up the zone. Ah well.. maybe I’ll have to go get the rest of the zones and get the full “Loremaster” title.

Shortly before getting the “Loremaster of Northrend” achievment I got the “Bread Winner” achievement. This -really- surprised me. I had -no- idea I’d made so much money from completing quests. I wonder where it all went. (hint: Red Drake, Ice Mammoth, Ebonweave Robe)

I got invited to a Naxx-25. I was only there for the Plague Quarter and a couple of attempts on Patchwerk (had healing problems so they called the raid). There were alot of AOE trash pulls. There was one other warlock in the raid. He was destruction. In the end he and I were in the top 4 for overall damage done. He sent me a tell “It’s nice to see another warlock doing decent damage”. I was glow-y about that for a while. I think I came in at ~2.1k-2.5k dps. Better on bosses… worse on trash.

Last night we did Heroic Gundrak. The shaman healer showed us a cool “positioning” for the boss fight that made the Snake boss trivial. I will have to remember that.. and see if I can post about it.

I’m tempted to make a “You might be an asshat..” post in the genre of “You might be a redneck..”… but I think I’ll let the urge pass. Stirring it up doesn’t quash the asshat.. it just embiggens their asshattery.

6 thoughts on “Horray for random!

  1. The Kirin Tor reputation is for the helm augment and the spell power dagger. The Ebon Blade for your bigger shard bag pattern. They have a belt that is not bad if you have been unlucky with belt drops.

    Congrats on everything!

    Hydras last blog post..Death Knight: A Remedial Lesson

  2. We have a “positioning” trick for Slad’ran too.

    DPS waits in that cavern with the spiral path. Tank pulls him and runs like hell back to the path where we proceed to beat the crap out of Slad’ran without his constrictors.

  3. I’d be interested in hearing about how you position that boss. He’s a huge PIA and I’ve only been able to down him 50% of the time. The last group I was in had a very geared mage who just AoE’d the adds down. The time before that, we tanked him up the stairs and melee ran away from him when he started casting poison nova.

  4. Our trick for that snake boss has us entering from that side and clearing the trash pulls. Once they’re gone, the remainder of the group goes back up the ramp close to the instance portal. I, as tank, ranged pull the boss then run like hell towards the ramp, dropping a death and decay along the way to keep up my hate.

    We used to run out of the instance once the boss is dead, but we didn’t the last time and had no adverse affects, so we’ll have to see if we can continue to do that.

    Grimtorns last blog post..Swimming in Defense

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