3.0.8 First Impressions

Last night was a short play night. I got home late (meeting and then had to grocery shop) and then helped with a guildie run to the first boss in H-HoL (tank wanted the shoulders off that boss).

The tank was a new-ish 80 tank.. and I was having some problems where I was out-threating him.. but I don’t know if that’s because of the tank or because of the patch. I didn’t notice any significant increase or decrease to my or my felpuppy’s DPS.

3.0.8 first impressions:
– Don’t forget to update your addons.
– not impressed with the 2 min cooldown on summoning. I totally -get- that it’s an accident and that they’re working on it.. but it’s still annoying.
– New graphic for Rain of Fire is pretty.
– They added a GCD to Lifeblood (the herbalist’s heal) so now my lifeblood/life tap macro doesn’t work (/sadpanda). I’ll need to play with it to figure out what I want to do about that. (Honestly I’m pretty annoyed about the added GCD.. but what can I do about it?)
– Constrictor Grass no longer looks like Dead Nettles.. and it’s now grey.. Guess I’m selling that to a vendor now.
– Health/mana potion injectors got a new icon. I like that I can now distinguish them from the BC versions.
– When they said “Greatly reduced the materials required to make the self-only tailoring leg enchants (Master’s Spellthread and Sanctified Spellthread)” they weren’t kidding. The self-only leg enchants when from ~300g mat cost to 3g.

I’ve update the site to add a “Known Bugs: Warlock” page. I’ll keep that updated with the list of bugs I know about and just post notes here in blog entries about any new additions/changes.

Commenters were totally right. I had made a mental note that I needed to get Kirin Tor rep but left off the part that I only needed it to Revered *sigh*. Head enchant good. The dagger.. meh. In the time between making the note that I -needed- the dagger.. and actually getting the rep for the dagger.. I’d gotten the Cursed Lich Blade off of Novos in Drak’Tharon Keep. The Kirin Tor dagger has 1 more int and 24 less Spirit than my current blade. That’s a loss of ~9 spell power for a gain of a piddly amount of crit. Nah-huh.

Current to-do list:
– Figure out the drops from Raids/badge rewards that are upgrades.. and make a list.
– Gem List for Warlocks
– Positioning in the Snake boss fight for Gundrak
– Confirm bugs on the bug page.
– Finish Gemming/enchanting my Frost resist set.
– Finish enchanting my boss fight set.

2 thoughts on “3.0.8 First Impressions

  1. Ooh, I would be real interested in the Gem and badge rewards list. I did just a once over of the 10-man badge gear and none of it really excited me. There is a distinct lack of +hit on the stuff I’d buy that would prevent me from buying it. I’m only in quest/rep blues and none of these appear to be an upgrade. 25-man only seemed slightly better. I’m hoping I’m missing something.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Doomed

  2. On first impressions… I tried a 0/13/58 build yesterday night and was able to get some good numbers on test dummies, on one attempt i got up to 3k dps self buffed, but when it came down to a real test on 25 man patchwerk the combination of playing with 6fps and the usual Naxx 25 LAG spikes I could only sustain 3.1k, when with FG/Ember I always do well over 4k. I guess I wont count out the spec as a good alternative, but only after I get better hardware and Blizz fixes the dang lag will I ever spec it again.

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