Hmmm.. what was that? I’m starting to putter. I really thought it’d take longer to get to this point.

I’ve crafted almost everything I need to craft (still need Spellweave Robe).. and I’ve leveled my tradeskills.. and I’ve achieved all of the main reputations I need.. and I’ve bought most of the badge gear.. and well.. I’m kinda sitting pretty.

So last night I logged in.. did my cooking dailies, went and did Oracle dailies.. and then.. well then I couldn’t think of anything to do.

The Lunar thing isn’t until this weekend.. and well as shown above.. I’m pretty well set.

So after 10-15 mins of just sort of waffling I finally hearthed to Dalaran and then ported to Exodar and started doing the beginner quests for the Draenei. My goal is to get Loremaster and Classic Dungeon Master and Explorer and Diplomat and all the faction mounts sort of all at the same time. I really thought it would take me longer to get to the point where I was ready to start on this rather lofty goal. But I couldn’t think of anything better to do.

I think the problem is we, as a guild, aren’t running enough raids. We’re at that awkward point where we have like 17 people who want to raid.. so we’re fielding a NAXX-10 and the extra 7 people are just finding other things to do. I actually ended up benched last week and this week.

It looks like my upgrades are all going to come from raiding… and I end up benched at least every other week. AND even when we do raid, we’re only scheduling it for one night a week. Bah.

I think I need to start scheduling raids.

The scary part.. is so far in the next patch.. I really don’t see anything to stop my puttering. As far as I’ve heard, 3.1 is focused on the Ulduar raid instance. You know.. that instance that comes after the current raiding contet. That raiding content we’re tackling one night every other week. Yeah.. I -so- don’t expect to be ready to go into that when it comes out.

So.. hrm.

Eventually I logged off and did 30 mins of Wii-Tennis with fiancee. Yeah for Wii.

6 thoughts on “Puttering

  1. I must objectively say that bowling is quite superior. That is a fact.

    Not that I’m trying to knock tennis or anything.

    Golf is ridiculously hardcore. I have friends who are anal about their editions of madden 2k and nba 2k, and they are at each other’s necks trying to get the lowest score.

    Baseball is lost on me. I’ll come out and admit that I’ve lost numerous times to family members who are barely half my age.

    krizzlybears last blog post..Wimzig’s Whimsy: Don’t Mug a Death Knight

  2. I think, you should try doing a naxx run, WITH THE WIIMOTE!!

    And plus, glof is aweosme! I got on the island thiny on my 1st try!

  3. Our guild is in a similar spot, though our issue is a tank shortage, and getting the right people to log in to be able to go, but we’ve had the issue of people not getting to go on a few nights.

    I got my Chef title the night it became possible, and now have little need to do the cooking daily apart from that its easy gold.

    The Kalimdor Loremaster quest count’s pretty tough even after the reduction to 700. I’m at 597/700 and struggling to find more. The buff to low level faction rep grinding’s gonna get me some quests, and I’m REALLY hoping the Lunar Fesival Elders count towards my quest count.

  4. I do that same thing – putter around in Dalaran until I can get a Heroic run together. I’ve found that I’m becoming bored at 80, like I was bored at 70. I guess that means that it is time to level my other 70 to 80 or get a new profession…or something?

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