Swimming in Red Envelopes

You know.. I don’t mind traipsing all around the world to visit my elders.. I mean not even if it takes all day (literally, 11am to 8pm).. with fiancee on auto-follow.. But geez.. those geezers sure do follow up your visit with the email spam.

Seventy-four: “Thanks for visiting.. we should do lunch” notes are a bit much.

I’ve finished everything for the Lunar Festival except for the Northrend Dungeons. I’m hopeful to get those done this week.

Note, Phasing really can throw a monkey wrench in your Elder visiting plans.
– if you’re in the middle of the “Wrathgate” quest.. you won’t be able to get the Undercity, Brill or Orgrimarr Elder’s visited.
– If you’re in the middle of the Bouldercrag quests in Northrend.. you won’t be able to get the Bouldercrag Elder visited until you kill the giant stone guy.
– If you’re not 80 you won’t be able to finish the Northrend Dungeons (since you have to do Gundrak on Heroic).