Guild First: Noth and Heigan

I’ve been lax about reporting guild firsts. Mostly because I keep getting this feeling that my guild is “behind the curve”. Oh well. We’re making progress and we’re getting better. This week we killed Patchwerk, cleared spider wing and for the first time, we cleared the military wing. Horray for downing the four horseman for the first time in-guild.

Last night we started the night by making many many attempts on Grobbulus. On the very last attempt we had him at 5% when we wiped. I’m certain we’ll get past that fight soon.

After the “last attempt” at Grobbulus we went over and started on the Plague Quarter. Last time we tried this wing we couldn’t make it past the first set of two stoneskin gargoyles. Last night, not only did we make it past but we downed Noth and Heigan. We made several attempts on Lotheb but in the end the best we did was getting him to 16% before people had to go.

I died on Noth (Seed of Corruption pulled aggro onto me) but got a battle rez. He dropped a yummy cloak.. but it went to the boomkin. We need to kill him more.

On Heigan we finally learned to dance. When he finally fell we only had 5 people standing. Happily, I was one of them.

Overall I’m pleased with my performance. I lead DPS for most of the night. I was running at ~2.4k on initial trash.. but think I finished out the night at ~1.8k.

To be honest.. I really wish someone else would top DPS. I would rather be #2.. and have something to shoot for.. than be #1.

5 thoughts on “Guild First: Noth and Heigan

  1. Top of DPS isn’t such a bad place to be 😉 You could compete against your last best numbers, how about that? The competition could be between you… and you!

    Grats on your firsts though!

    P.S. – do you get to choose the anti-spam words? Mine was talbuk 😛

    Aneas last blog post..Persuasion

  2. Oooh! Good plan.

    WRT anti-spam words:
    Yes, I use the WordPress Addon “Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam” and I got to specify the words it uses. Seemed only right to pick out wow-related words.

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