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I’m totally and utterly jealous of Hunters. I mean I totally -get- that I’m not spec’d demonology.. so I shouldn’t expect much dps out of my pet… but SERIOUSLY!! seeing a Recount.. where the hunter’s pet is out DPSing half the DPSers.. and my felpuppy is bumping along at 330 (it’s better since 3.0.8 where he was lucky to break 150) I’m totally and utterly jealous.

Last I checked my felpuppy is running around 330 dps (on a good day). This is with no glyph.. and with 0 points in Improved felpuppy. I sincerely hope that Demonology spec’d ‘locks are seeing higher numbers.

Ok.. so currently Powers-That-Be say that for best DPS you should use the Doomguard (if you have the spell) then at 1 min remaining on boss (~30%) drop your Infernal. If Doomguard is on cooldown.. then the next best choice is felpuppy (has higher dps for affliction.. buff can be overwritten by priests) or imp (has higher dps for destruction.. buff can be overwritten by warriors). Voidy and Succy really don’t factor into raiding ATM.

TPTB ALSO say that it’s not worth it to spec into Dark Pact. I -like- dark pact. I like being off the healer’s radar. I like being self sufficient. I like the fact that even if my pet isn’t a DPS power house.. at least I can suck mana out of him.

So if I listen to TPTB and I -don’t- spec into Dark Pact.. well then.. I really can’t think of any reason to put additional points into improved felpuppy. And then I’m left with very stupid AI pet I have to micro-manage who bringing sub-par dps.. and totally replaceable buffs. {sarcasm} Yeah. Gotta get me some of that. {/sarcasm}

So yeah.. totally jealous of Hunters.

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  1. What’s up with pet juggling for DPS? Especially when I’m not a demo ‘lock! If I wanted to pay a bunch of attention to a pet, I’d spec out of affliction. As it stands, isn’t watching 6 dot timers enough? Why should we also have to worry about pet juggling.

    In short, I don’t. Felpup for the win despite the crappy DPS. Also, Dark Pact for the win. Why? Because, like you said, the benefits to me outweigh the DPS. Namely, being self sufficient, not juggling, being able to temporarily silence a caster (helps on messy pulls), etc. I have been known to pull out the Doomguard occasionally, but usually its just not worth the hassle IMO, despite what the TPTB say.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Faith, Hope, and Love

  2. Sadly, the PTR Patch Notes don’t show any changes to our pets dps. Hopefully the changes to everything else pays up for it.


    * Curse of the Elements (Rank 5) – Increased to 13% spell damage, up from 10%.
    * Curse of Recklessness has been removed.
    * Curse of Weakness – Now also reduces the armor of the target by 5%.
    * Enslave Demon: Spell haste penalty reduced by 10%, Melee haste penalty reduced by 10%.
    * Warlocks now innately have an increased 10% spell hit chance on the Enslave Demon spell.
    * Fire Shield (Imp): You can now cast this ability on raid members, rather than party members.
    * Ritual of Summoning: The summoning of the initial portal is now instant cast, down from 5 seconds.


    * Eradication re-designed: Eradication: When you deal damage with Corruption, you have a 2/4/6% chance to gain the Eradication effect. The Eradication effect increases the critical strike chance of your Shadow Bolt spell by 30%. Each critical strike reduces the critical strike bonus by 10%. Lasts 30 sec.
    * Haunt: Now only increases your shadow damage-over-time on the target. (No longer includes non-Shadow damage over time spells.)
    * Malediction: No longer increases the effect of Curse of the Elements.
    * Pandemic: This talent has been reduced to a 1-point talent, now grants your Corruption and Unstable Affliction the capability to critically hit.
    * Shadow Embrace: Now only increases the damage done by your shadow damage periodic spells.
    * Siphon Life: The Siphon Life spell has been removed. Siphon Life now causes your Corruption spell to instantly heal you for 40% of the damage done.
    * Suppression: Now increases spell hit for all of your spells.


    * Demonic Empathy has been removed.
    * Demonic Empowerment: This talent spell now has a unique spell effect and sound.
    * Demonic Sacrifice:This talent has been removed.
    * Fel Synergy has been moved to tier-1. No longer increases Intellect, Stamina and damage of your summoned demon.
    * Improved Enslave Demon talent removed.
    * Mana Feed: This talent is now a 1-point talent, down from 3-points. Now is the 21-point talent in Demonology. Now grants 100% mana return to your pet, up from 33/66/100%.
    * New Talent: Molten Skin: Reduces all damage taken by 2/4/6%.
    * New Talent: Decimation: When you Shadowbolt or Incinerate a target that is at or below 35% health, your next Soulfire cast time is reduced by 30/60% and costs no shard. Lasts 10 sec.
    * New Talent: Nemesis: Reduces the cooldown of your Demonic Empowerment, Metamorphosis, Soulstone and Fel Domination spells by 10/20/30%.


    * Aftermath re-designed: Increases the periodic damage done by your Immolate by 3/6%, and your Conflagrate has a 50/100% chance to daze the target for 5 sec.
    * Backlash has been moved up to tier-5, up from tier-7. Now requires Intensity (pre-req).
    * Cataclysm: Now reduces the mana cost of Destruction spells by 4/7/10%. No longer increases the chance to hit.
    * Conflagrate: Spell now works similar to Swiftmend, consuming an Immolate or Shadowflame effect on the target and dealing damage based on the strength of that effect. Reduced to a single rank.
    * Improved Immolate: Now increases the damage done by your Immolate by 10/20/30%, rather than just the direct damage.
    * Improved Shadow Bolt: Now increases the damage done by your Shadow Bolt spell by 1/2/3/4/5%, and causes your target to be vulnerable to spell damage, increasing spell critical strike chance against that target by 1/2/3/4/5%. Effect lasts 30 sec.
    * Improved Soul Leech: Now has a 50/100% chance to proc Replenishment.
    * Master Conjuror: Increased from 15/30% up to 150/300%.
    * Molten Core: This talent has been moved to Demonology (Tier 8 ).
    * Pyroclasm re-designed: Now increases your Shadow and Fire spell power by 2/4/6% when you critically hit with Searing Pain or Conflagrate. Lasts 10 sec. Also moved down to tier 7, down from tier-5.

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