Rogues can now buy poisons from a vendor instead of having to mix them up themselves. Blizz didn’t want poisons and their reagents to clutter their bags.
Hunters can now stack a b-zillion arrows/bullets into one bag slot. Blizz doesn’t want ammunition to clutter their bags.

Warlocks can now gather soul stones whenever they use Drain Soul.. not just if it kills a mob. Blizz wanted to make sure our bags were bulged with soul stones even when we were wiping on boss for a whole night.

Hardly seems fair.

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  1. The thing that bothers me the most is that they keep saying, we are planning on “Re-Working” the soul shard system and what not and so far the only thing I’ve heard is that stupid change to how way gain soul shards which will basically force me to re install a soul shard auto destroying addon to avoid getting the stupid “Your inventory is Full” error message.

    Looking at the DK rune system, I would imagine blizzard would be a bit more creative and really re-work how our system works, but to be honest, im not getting my hopes up.

  2. My idea for the SS fix was this:

    Warlocks carry around a phylactery, similar to old school Shaman totems. When you drain a soul, it gets “stored” in that item. Different phylacteries have different max amounts.

  3. One of several reasons why people are playing every other class except a warlock…

    I’m just updating my armoury mining site for the latest changes and the new numbers don’t lie: warlocks are now the least popular class at level 80 – 7%. That’s even lower than Shaman – the traditional wooden-spoon class.

    I think you could say we’re not winning in the nerf wars.

  4. I know.. well i do now, I have a little warlock and she keeps getting more spells or things that require a shard, and I like keeping a nice little stack. Add to that im a miner and a skinner. I need bigger bags!

  5. I, for one, am a small bit happy that we’re underrepresented. I don’t want to be nerfed and I would really love if they actually make good on some of their promises to us, but I like that those left are people who love the class, not the easy two button damage we represented before.

    Shards will probably continue to be a PITA for the forseeable future. They just need to make them stack. That’d be the simple solution like they’re doing with ammo. Why not stack? *sigh*

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