Singing the praises of Raider101

A while back Rohan, from Blessing of Kings, started the Raider101 Wiki. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here but I’ve found it extremely helpful to me when I’m playing an alt.. or when trying to help a guildie who plays a class I don’t. I wrote most of the Affliction Warlock wiki and will update (and simplify) it somewhat…

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Hand off ma Phat Lootz!

Under no circumstances are you to be allowed to goto YAWN and write a 450 word article in an attempt to win phat lootz(http://www.locksucks.com/2009/03/tcg-loot-giveaway/).** They’re my lootz TYVM and you can just look the other way.. and procrastinate.. and let me have it already. Seriously! What shadow-y grrl hasn’t lusted after an Imp in a Ball. IT’S MINE I TELL…

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Goes to Eleven!

I’ve decided that “Casual” and “Hardcore” are too vague as terms. We need several coordinated sliding scales.


Twisted.. but in a good way

Bre and Fim over at the Twisted Nether Blogcast graciously invited me to third wheel with them as a co-host in the most recent episode. I really enjoyed myself. In fact.. super secret project is in the works. More info to follow.


Wrath Shard Farming

I’ve decided Heroic Violet Hold is my new favorite shard farming area. Done right it’s 30 minutes from start to finish.. you get 3 heroic badges, it has a nice +hit trinket [item]Mark of the War Prisoner[/item] and bracers [item]Azure Cloth Bindings[/item] and it can quickly refill your shard bag in perparation for the next day of raiding. Just because…

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More Power Auras

I’ve mentioned it before.. but I -love- Power Auras. Here’s a quick set of auras. When I’m in a raid I can easily end up with 3+ rows of buffs. I hate having to spend a long time figuring out which buffs I’m missing by scanning all these buffs. So I setup 4 new auras. If I’m in a raid,…

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Scourge Chat

Thanks to Siha for bringing this to my attention. I LOLd Scourge Chat Log


0/0/0 ?

Does it make me a sad and compulsive blogger that I’m actually considering spending 1k g just so I can have a 0/0/0 spec to flip into for testing out spells without hurting my “real” spec?


Word of the week: Melee

Where A is not equal to B. me-lee [mey-ley, mel-ey] –noun 1. a confused hand-to-hand fight or struggle among several people. 2. confusion; turmoil; jumble: the melee of Christmas shopping. meal-y [mee-lee] –adjective, meal-i-er, meal-i-est. 1. having the qualities of meal; powdery; soft, dry, and crumbly: mealy potatoes; a mealy stone. 2. of or containing meal; farinaceous: baked fish with…

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