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Incident 1:
With the new changes to warlocks over the weekend (DS creating shards throughout the channel .. and hard limit of 32 shards in inventory).. I actually made a reply on the official forums. The QQ was high in that thread and I posted a “wait and see” post.

One of the replies that directly referenced my post included this gem:

Zephyl wrote:
Words of Wisdom to live by from the casual raiding crowd that destroyed any fun raids from ever being implemented in game again. /sigh

Wow.. Ok, the implication here is that posting-on-my-lowbie-alt-Zephyl looked me up on the armory and found me lacking.

I replied:

Because your “hardcore” panicking was getting us where?

I totally apologize that I don’t have enough epics to appease your elitist mentality. I hereby give you permission to panic. I was totally out of line trying to channel the voice of reason. Go ahead, panic, roll around in it until you get all sticky.

Incident 2:
A long while ago I did a video showing how I heal using Grid and Clique. The video was shot in Shadow Labs.. and was made to demonstrate the way I heal. I’ve gotten several comments on the youtube video about how “terribad” my gear is. OR how it looks like I never progressed pass Kara.

Because you know.. the quality of my gear has any bearing what-so-ever on my ability to demonstrate how I heal.

Incident 3:
I visited a blog.. and the blog proported to be made by a “hard core” gamer. The blog went on to categorize the WoW blogosphere as overrun by Casuals.

All three incidents rolled together just make me mad.

Casual: anyone who plays less than you do or is in a lower dungeon than you. AKA: Bads, Terribads, Lazy epic sucking noobs.
Hardcore: anyone who plays more than you do or is in a higher dungeon than you. AKA: Elitist Jerks, basement dwelling no-lifers.

Bah Fooey.

Message to all my readers: If you’re a “Hardcore Gamer” and you only want to read things from other “Hardcore Gamers”, you’ve come to the wrong place. Move along, take me off your feed reader, epeen elsewhere. I’m Casual.. I play in a Casual Guild and I’m ruining your game. {insert evil cackle here} No, really, I’m pugging into 25-mans and I’m picking up my ‘leet epix. And Lord forbid.. I write about what I do.

Occasionally {shameface} I stand in the fire and sometimes as a guild, we forget to dispell Noth’s curse and all die within 10 seconds of the first pull. Sometimes we suck.. and sometimes we shine.. but it’s never boring.

You know what Hardcore gamers write about? They write about how easy the game is.. how bored they are.. how blizzard hates them {specifically} and how terribad casuals are ruining the game. {sarcasm} Booya, sign me up for that RSS feed.{/sarcasm}

The thing is.. if we fail, we always have room to improve. If “hardcore gamers” fail.. what then?

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  1. Casual: anyone who plays less than you do or is in a lower dungeon than you. AKA: Bads, Terribads, Lazy epic sucking noobs.
    Hardcore: anyone who plays more than you do or is in a higher dungeon than you. AKA: Elitist Jerks, basement dwelling no-lifers.

    You forgot “mouth-breathing” in both of these. 😉

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  2. Us casual raiders may not have the uber-elite-drool-gear, but we shower.

    I call that a win.

    *disclaimer: Not all hardcore raiders have poor hygiene. The stereotypical hardcore raider can be see in the South Park World of Warcraft episode. If you do not fit that profile, please ignore the comment about your hygiene. You smell lovely, really.

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  3. OK now you went and got me started on a rant…

    The other day I was leveling my alt (a 56 troll priest) in Hellfire. I was just outside Thrallmar killing the Fel Orcs there for XP. I had gone in there to get the next level ot herbalism and Inscription from the trainers and found that the XP there was way better than in the old world. So I’m sitting among a pile of dead orcs and a DK comes over to me and asks what I’m doing in Hellfire?

    “Leveling,” I said.

    “You’re not high enough to be here,” says the big Tauren DK.

    I just looked at all of the corpses and sat down for a drink./sigh

    BTW love the roll around in it until you get sticky comment! LOL

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  4. Loved the post. I long for a time when hardcore, casual, and everything inbetween can just agree on one thing: they enjoy the game.

    @Stephenn – LOL I would have been like “Oh really? You mean, you can see me?!” And throw ’em for a loop. 😀

  5. We all need to rant every now and then.

    I believe the elitist attitude in general, not just in WOW, stems from entitlement and narcissism. Reason can combat one or the other but not both at the same time. First question that popped into my head with the 3.1 change is that will Drain Soul’s damage be buffed or remain the same since it looks like DS will be used more often come 3.1.

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  6. I am casual and I have a confession to make.
    I want it given to me on a platter.
    I want to be able to go to the mailbox this week and extract all the mounts, non-combat pets and achievements.
    I then want to stop my subscription cause there is nothing left to play for.

    Well, except for fun…. actually, I might just leave all that stuff in the mailbox. I am, having too much fun with my current challenge of getting a party for nexus.

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Imagine if…

  7. I think the problem is we’ve badly defined the terms and somehow stuck to them. I have no problem with somebody based on how much or how little they play the game. I have no problem with anybody based on their skill or their gear.

    I have problems with people who whine because they want what somebody else has.

    I have problems with people who don’t want to face a challenge, but feel entitled to the rewards for completing the challenge.

    I have issues with the players who should actually be playing an instant gratification focused console game, not an MMO.

    For example: Not to jump specifically onto a topic, but this might give you an idea of the mentality I’m addressing here. The recent 30 minute hearthstone cooldown change. One of the things I liked about vanilla WoW was that there were people around. It felt like a real, living, breathing world. You encountered other players on roads and out in the wilds. It was almost a game to see if you could buff or wave at the person fast enough as they went past you. You’d keep an eye out for folks questing near you that might be being overrun by mobs or need help if they were in trouble.

    Now we have even more players, but it feels so much more empty. Why? Because we’re leveling at an insane rate with RAF and the huge buffs to XP that we’ve had over the last few patches. We have instant travel options coming out of our ears so we don’t need to actually travel anywhere like it’s a real world, we just hearth/teleport/flying mount wherever we’re going in seconds. Raids/Dungeons are faster and more efficient so we can finish them and get our loot.. to do what? Go raid another dungeon so we can finish it and get our loot?

    What happened to fighting through a tough instance with a group of friends you enjoyed hanging out with? Coming up with ideas to take out the next group of monsters? Getting excited when a green item dropped because it actually meant something to one of you? Now it’s “Just walk along and spam your AOE Tank/AOE DPS/AOE heal so you can hurry up and finish. For what? Where are we desperately trying to get TO with this game?

    Hell, pretty soon hunters won’t have to actually remember to buy bullets for their guns and our pets are pretty much just another tool that we can yank out at will to be more “efficient”, so we can get phat lewts faster and I dunno, “Finish the dungeon faster”.

    I really don’t care if it’s the hardcores or the casuals that are wanting this game to turn into the McDonalds of MMOs, but whoever they are, I hate them and I wish they’d go and find some other flavor of the month to screw up.

  8. I guess I’ve been both casual and hardcore when it comes to WoW, and ain’t neither one of those groups ruined WoW. The people who ruin the reputation of WoW are those who play 16 hours a day or some odd thing and then pass out because they won’t eat or drink – and I don’t consider that hard core, I consider that stupid. And I say this from the perspective of a person who has played with guilds similar to Elitist Jerks, and alongside people who were from Elitist Jerks.

    Do casuals ruin WoW? Certainly not. I respect casual players, because they break the enforced reputation put on WoW – generally they have healthy RLs, and many casual players I’ve met are just as good as any ‘hardcore’ player. When I played on Anub’arak, a casual guild that only raided three times a week was the one that was dominating the entire realm; they beat down ‘hardcore’ guilds that raided five times a week, just because they generally had better players who knew their class.

    It’s more the people who are as dense as a rock when it comes to WoW that irritate me at times. The people who brown nose officers to get raid spots when they aren’t willing to put in the work that even a casual player like myself gets; the ones who aren’t willing to do heroics or level 80 instances like I did when I hit 80, and don’t at least watch a few videos before the raid.. And, of course, the ones who put down other players just because they aren’t in half a bajillion epics or whatever.

    Srsly people, grow up. It’s a game.

  9. Bah Fooey, indeed.

    If the game is ruined for some people, they should seek entertainment elsewhere.

    The unfortunate thing is, we hear the most from the very vocal jerks who try to frighten others with insults. For whatever reason, they seem unable to voice an opinion without attacking others. If a player feels the game is too easy for his/her taste, that’s a fine though to share on the forums. But why go the extra mile to attack somebody who feels the challenge is appropriate?

    Its refreshing to read your blog, where you’re happy to share your fun but casual style.

    I think I’m on the other end of the spectrum from casual in my own personal approach to our shared hobby, but I don’t think you take anything from my experience, and I have no intentions of trying to take away from yours. In fact, quite the opposite, reading your site helps enrich my game, so thank you!

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  10. <3 Nibuca – Epic commentary.

    I think everyone makes their own game. That’s been the point of RPG’s since they were invented. You can get as much or as little as you want from it. Sure there are rules that you have to work within, that’s what defines the game, but you, as a player, are really want makes the game for yourself.

    If you’re bored and upset, its because you made it that way. If you’re having fun and optimistic, its because you made it that way. That simple. We can all QQ to Blizz sometimes (as is our perogative as paying customers), but, in the end, it is all what WE make of it. An occasional rant is healthy… when the entire game becomes a rant for you? Time to move on.

    I mean, most of us still have interests outside of WoW, right? Should I be scoffed at because I like to play basketball with friends some nights instead of get an extra night of raiding in? Does that make me a bad player?

    *Shrug* It is what we as a community and individuals make of it.

  11. prerogative – boy I wish I could spell that one.

    Oh, and side thought. Isn’t it tough to find time to blog if you’re so hardcore? I mean, couldn’t that time be better spent in-game?

    Ironic my trollish comment had me write “troll” in as the anti-spam word. 😀

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  12. I love this entry. Summarizes all of my thoughts on the hardcore/casual thing.

    I especially love it when “hardcore players” on General on Dalaran rant and rave about this game being too easy…yet as far as I know…no one on my server has The Immortal or Of the Twilight yet.

  13. I guess it all comes down to why you play the game. Me, I play it as a means of chilling out from RL. I like to play as well as I can and beat content but I like to do it with fun people.

    I spend time working on what is best for my toon and I expect those that I play with to do the same. I don’t want to spend hours wiping in a raid because people “won’t move out of the fire!” tm. I expect those I raid with to come prepared and enchanted as is appropriate for the content we are tackling. By this I mean I don’t expect you to have full epics or perfect build and enchants so we can run a heroic, but if we are going to EoE or running for achievements in Naxx then the content requires that you bring your best. Otherwise you are wasting other people’s time and effort.

    I will happily discuss how to get to where you need to be to the best to of my knowledge, but ONLY if you ask me. In “farm” content raids I get huge enjoyment seeing new people come along for the first time. I love to see how much joy they get out of their first “purplz”. And laugh myself stupid when they say how nervous and overwhelmed they are in their first heroic/raid but they are really enjoying it and having a ball.

    I love my loot. If it drops and I win a roll or bid dkp and get an upgrade. However I also believe that karma works and good things come to those who wait. If it does not drop or another wins it ce la vie!

    I really love to get on vent, get drunk and run stuff with friends. Heroics, farm raids, alt runs, low level dungeons, what ever. We like to call them drunken dungeon nights and they are a blast. 🙂

    I love to see people enjoy levelling at their own pace and I /salute those that beat the game at the highest levels. Whatever you want to do is fine with me. The only time I have issues is when people try and impose their own will/game on others. Don’t talk down at people because you think they are nubs who don’t know what’s best if they don’t care. Don’t disparage others because you think they take it too seriously.

    I have laughed and joked in vent while wiping on trash. I have exploded at others who refuse to enchant, download DBM (where is really important), or otherwise come prepared to raid that 24 other people have prepared for. That is not fair on the others.
    But….you need to work out where you want to be and find others that share your views. They are out there.



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