Quicky Drive-by-update

Work is busy. Very little time to write.

Last night we threw together a 25-man Naxx. No really.. there was nothing on the schedule.. and then fiancee said “Hey, I want to do something”. He tried to throw together OS-10 and VoA-10 but someone else had that on the schedule for later this week. So instead he threw together Naxx-25.

We totally smashed the spider and the plague quarters.

Afterwards we decided to add Naxx-25 to the official calendar. So Yee-ha! We’s raiding again. I’m going to start running WWS reports and see what I can make of them.

I ended up at 2.4k overall with 3.7k on Loatheb (I used my Doomguard).

Over the weekend with also did OS-25 with one drake up. We got it down on the 3rd-ish(5th)** try.

I think I got breathed on by the drake.. I died shortly before he did. I spent the rest of the fight just calling out flame walls /grumble.

** In West Kingdom we always get everything down on the third try.. even if it’s -really- the 5th try. The counting goes: 1, 2, Lots, Many.

4 thoughts on “Quicky Drive-by-update

  1. I can’t tell fi you tried it or not from the post but I definitely recommend if you have no problem with spider and plague that abom would be a really good next step. Lootwerk should be fun for you. I want to see your damage on him.

    Tristans last blog post..An Interesting Naxx

  2. Here’s a question that came up on my blog that you can perhaps look for in your number games and WWS as you raid:

    Our understanding of the mechanics of Corruption is that it refreshes at the SP at which you casted it, meaning you need to trinket BEFORE casting Corr in order to get your full benefit of the spell (and try your darnedest not to let it drop). Thus if we get a life tap glyph that temporarily increases our SP with each LT, then we’d want to do that before Corr too.

    The question comes when you look at Haunt and Shadow’s Embrace bonuses. Personally, I like to trinket and throw out some insta-dots (read: corruption) as I’m getting set up to be able to deal with stationary casting. Also, I’m just used to throwing out an instant cast first from solo’ing, so it just meshes for me to always start with Corruption. If the SL healing gets added to it, this makes even more sense as Corr is really our *best* dot.

    Ah-ha, the question, right:

    Does casting Corruption prior to Haunt and SB in your rotation muck up the bonuses from H and S-embrace, or do those bonuses just tack themselves on with each tick subsequent to application?

    Or perhaps look at it from this angle: What is the downside to casting corruption first?

    The conjecture is that with H and SE, it doesn’t matter, so if I were to pick up the glyph I’d just want to life tap and trinket before applying Corr to get the best DoT damage possible, then I could apply H and SE whenever I want, knowing that “the sooner the better”.

    Should I cave and do bolts and Haunt first like everyone else… something about old dogs and new tricks?

    I figured it might help to have something to look for in your WWS, though maybe the answer is already known :-D.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Faith, Hope, and Love

  3. @Tristan
    We only did those two wings. Last night we went into Construct wing.. and didn’t smash so much. We got patchwerk.. but continue to have problems with Grobbulus.


    Very interesting question. I believe SE and Haunt are applied per-tick whereas -your- spell power bonus is applied when you cast.

    So if I trinket then cast Corruption and then Haunt and then Shadow Bolt.. then I think it’s possible the first tick of corruption might not get the SE1 bonus (Corruption is instant but ticks after 3 seconds on the mob. Haunt has a 1.5 sec cast time.. but also has fly-time so it may not hit the mob and apply SE before Corruption ticks the first time). I do think the second tick of Corr would get spellpower+Haunt+SE2 bonus.

    In long living mobs/bosses I think the difference is negligable.. in short living mobs I’m not so sure.

  4. Thanks. That’s my understanding as well. I see those first few ticks as “extra” however since I am normally running around in those opening moments anyways, trying to get positioned and such (depends on the fight). Throwing up the instant Corruption at least starts my damage ticking while I’m doing this, otherwise I’d be doing nothing since I can’t set still to cast. Overall, probably not more than a DPS blip, but it makes me feel better inside to start this way. Especially if I’m not messing myself over by missing key bonuses, which I don’t think I am.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Faith, Hope, and Love

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