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WWS and the Affliction Warlock

Go read this by Candian Pimp on the Warlock’s Den: How to analyze your WWS reports as Affliction

In this post I’m going to examine my performance in the fight last night where we downed Patchwerk. Here’s the full WWS from last night: Naxx-25 3/4. We downed Patchwerk and then wiped a bunch on Grobbulus.

After you’re hit capped, the easiest way to increase your damage done to a boss is to increase your time on the boss.

Duration of the fight: 5 minutes 18 seconds (5’18”) (total of 318 seconds) (Found at the top of the report)

Divided by 12: 26.5 (318 / 12)
Divided by 3: 106 (318 / 3)
Divided by 2: 159 (318 / 2)

Patchwerk is a tank and spank fight. There’s no movement involved. So aside from ~5-10 seconds to allow the tanks to get situated and grab aggro you could theoretically have 100% uptime on your spells.

Haunt has a 12 second uptime. It “ticks” once when it’s refreshed. That means, in a 318 second fight, in order to have 100% uptime of Haunt I have to have refreshed it at least 26 times. My report shows I only had 21(17)** haunts. Which means I had alot of haunt downtime. In fact that works out to only 81% uptime (21 / 26). There’s still some room for improvement.

Haunt: 21 ticks (81% uptime)

Corruption, Immolation, Unstable Affliction and Siphon Life tick every 3 seconds. This means, in a 318 second fight, in order to have 100% uptime I should see 106 ticks.

Corruption 91 ticks (85% uptime)
Unstable Affliction 82 ticks (77% uptime)
Immolation 81 ticks (76% uptime)
Siphon Life 69 ticks (65% uptime)

Curse of Agony ticks every 2 seconds. This means that in a 318 second fight, in order to have 100% uptime I should see 159 ticks.

Curse of Agony: 125 ticks (79% uptime)

Assuming that we killed Patchwerk at a constant rate (not guaranteed.. but I’m going to use it as a guess anyway) then Patchwerk should have hit 25% health ~239 seconds into the fight (318 / 4 * 3). That means I had 79 seconds where I could channel Drain Soul on him for 4x damage. Drain Soul ticks every 3 seconds.. and I interrupt the channel to re-cast Haunt, Corruption (if necessary), Unstable Affliction, and Immolate. So I know I won’t hit 100% uptime.. but if I did, that would be 26 ticks of Drain Soul.

Drain Soul: 12 ticks (46% uptime)

I’m not terribly worried about my Siphon Life uptime it’s my lowest priority and I drop it when I start doing Drain Soul. That said, I did a very poor job on my drain soul 46% uptime is pitiful. It’s hitting for ~9k a pop.. and I only managed to DS for half of the time I should have. I think I have lots of room to improve all of my dot uptimes.

Plan to improve:
Increase my Haunt uptime which should also increase my Corruption uptime. Start channeling Drain Soul as soon as it’s available and only interrupt to refresh Haunt, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction.

Since Immolate isn’t an affliction spell I’m going to drop it when I start channeling Drain Soul.

**As Ammordius pointed out, WWS shows 17 hits for Haunt but I didn’t notice that it wasn’t showing the “crit” column for Haunts. So I had 17 hits and 4 crits for a total of 21 Haunts.

8 thoughts on “WWS and the Affliction Warlock

  1. Hi Nibucca,

    I think your reading your WWS report wrong. Your probably doing better than you think.
    For example, you have more than 17 ticks of haunt.
    If you go to your detail for patchwerk you can see that it says you have
    17 haunts landed, but if you click on haunt and view the details, you can see that landed is non-crit, comprising 81% of your haunts, and you have 4 crit making up the other 19%.

    so you actually have 21/26 which brings up up to ~81% uptime which is much better.

    What glyphs are you running with? SL should be a pretty high priority it does about the same amount of damage in a fight for me as CoA and I try to keep them up 100% of the time, it should also be high priority to keep it up because it improves the damage of your Drain Soul

    Another thing you should take a look at that may get your dps up is the number of shadowbolts you get off.

    Here is a wws of my guilds Patch on monday (a particularily bad patch for me due to horrible lag) , you can get an idea of what proportion my casts are in. (i have ~90% or better on all my dots) Our patch fight is 1 min shorter, but I am getting off almost double the number of shadowbolts.
    So getting off more shadow bolts would probably help your dps.

    Regardless, kind of got off topic there, just make sure when your counting things that can crit you are actually adding the crit values there(you can turn it on at the top of the report)

  2. @Ammordius
    Ahh thanks! I’ll update the post above. I really didn’t think I’d done that poorly keeping Haunt up. Whew.

    I see what you mean on the Shadow Bolts. I’ll consider that as well.

  3. Ammordius touched on it and he’s absolutely correct:

    ” it should also be high priority to keep it up because it improves the damage of your Drain Soul”

    This goes for all your dots. If you drop SL and Immolate while you’re draining some poor sap’s soul, you will find you no longer tic for the huge numbers you do. It’ll be less. I forget the precise numbers, but soul drain’s damage increases by 5% per dot on the target, or something obscenely ridiculous like that. It still is a priority to keep up your other dots.

    What I do is cast them in quick succession: haunt, UA, Immolate and if the other dots have more than 10 seconds on them, I soul drain right up haunt having 1 second left and as soon as soul drain tics I refresh haunt, cast a shadow bolt or two or refresh CoA/SL, refresh UA/Immolate, REFRESH HAUNT AGAIN and then cast drain soul. Repeat a lot. The weird run-on sentence just now about the order of things is to make sure I have as much time as possible on all my dots before I have to refresh them. The more time to drain life with all my dots, the more my dps skyrockets while the target’s health drops.

    One thing to watch out for is bloodlust/heroism. Usually, I can pump out more dps shadowbolting with 30% haste increase than I can draining soul. A single crit of my bolts puts me at almost equal numbers to drain soul over the course of 9 seconds, and if I get two crits, the bolts eclipse it. It all depends on how hard your bolts actually hit and what the odds of critting are.

    latusthegoats last blog post..Ragin’ QQ

  4. Doh, I’m actually not certain off memory if drain soul’s damage is increased from ALL dots or just affliction spells. Regardless, I still keep everything up because drain soul is a nice damage increase instead of a replacement. If I start dropping dots and focusing on drain soul, I maintain a very similar, perhaps lesser, dps in the end. If I have all my dots and add drain soul’s damage on top of them… woweeee dps through the roof!

  5. Things that helped me boost my DPS:

    As Haunt is not a DOT, but rather a DD spell with a 12 second debuff, you can clip it. Its very, very good to clip it. Keeping that debuff up is very important to your dps (as well as it helping to keep Corruption up).

    If you need to lifetap, do it right after you cast haunt. Your old little ghostie will come over and top off your health right away.

    If you’re having problems with the rotation, consider using CoDoom instead of CoA. It helps a little.

    Run something like DoTTimers or something similar, and remember ABC (always be casting).

    Also, since UA and Immolate have the same duration, you can sort of treat them as one huge dot with a 3 second cast time… always casting them back to back.

    Absitivelys last blog post..10’s vs 25’s

  6. The rotation is unwieldy right now, so it is definitely tough to work in shadow bolts, but I think they’re worth it when you can. The part I’m excited about in 3.1 is that we’ll pretty much drop two DoTs, meaning more S-bolts early and easier to keep Drain Soul up later. I just hope the overall lost of DoT damage is made up for in these other places…

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Faith, Hope, and Love

  7. Hi,

    I’m just surfing the net and came upon this post. There are a couple of things I’d like to point out.

    1) Start rotation: shadowbolt, haunt, ua, immolate, coa, corruption, siphon life. Sbolt and haunt at start to get that shadow embrace stacked up. And as someone said, always cast ua and immolate together as they have same duration and just treat it as a 3sec spell

    2) Cast Haunt as soon as its on CD. Never let that Shadow Embrace debuff fall off.

    3) Glyphs with highest DPS are Immolate, Siphon Life, and Agony.

    4) Even after ~25% it is still worth casting Immolate as it has a very DPCT (Damage Per Cast Time) ratio.

    5) SUMMON DOOMGUARD!!! If it is on cooldown, cast Infernal when patch has ~15% left.

    6) Remember to drop Sbolt after mob hits ~25% and cast Drain Soul instead (except for those Nightfall procs)

    7) Drain soul is not a “15sec channeled spell”. As it ticks every 3seconds, treat each tick as a single drain soul cast. If you feel you need to refresh your dots after 3seconds, then immediately stop casting and refresh your dots.

    What helped me most is a mod called ForteXorcist

    With this mod you can anticipate when your next drain soul tick will be, helping you judge when to refresh your dots.’

    Hope this helps. I will link armory and WWS if you want next time. Thanks!

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