Of Easter Eggs and Chocolate

If I were a betting person.. I’d bet that Path 3.1 will hit live before Noblegardens (April 12) starts. In fact.. I might choose April 6 for the patch day. Heck.. possibly even sooner. But definitely not any later.

Interesting possibilities there.

9 thoughts on “Of Easter Eggs and Chocolate

  1. I would agree with you as well (at least if you change the date to the 7th). It cant be any later than that since the patch includes an update to Noblegardens.

  2. Well .. I -do- software engineering.. and separating one patch from another is fairly difficult. It’s usually easier to just push the whole thing live than to keep separate branches true.

    That said, it’s not impossible.

  3. Im a software engineer as well. I will give you slight leeway on the fact you mention above…

    But technically you said that patch 3.1 would hit before 4/12. Noblegarden changes are part of patch 3.1 patch notes. If they had any intention of breaking it out, then Noblegarden changes would have its own patch notes.

    I wish Blizzard worked under the SCRUM methodology. We could get new updates like once a month. Each little request we have could be a new sprint for them.

  4. .. I remember when we were talking about Wrath launch date.. there was some speculation that Wrath might hit before October.. since the Beta included new Brewfest information.

    I don’t remember if that was included in the PTR notes though.

    But good point!

  5. Damn your quick at responding….btw, long long time reader, first time poster. Not trying to overstep my bounds.

    Your a smart gal.

  6. Blogger secret: We -love- comments. Even the ones that argue with us.

    Channel “The Mask” ” You love me, you really love me”

    Blog + Internet involved work environment + Blackberry Storm that goes “Brrring” whenever I get a comment = lightening fast response time 🙂

  7. ahhhhh, the joys of getting to develop for the web and then reading blogs about WoW and Lost spoilers….just cause it looks like your working….

    Brrring, “you’ve got comments”.

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