Failure to Raid

After the guild meeting we started setting up a 10 man group to do VoA and OS. I really really wanted to see what my new system will do in raids.. but -really- I want to see this in a 25-man(should happen on Monday). I decided to step out of last night’s 10-man since others needed the gear more than I did. But.. I still really wanted to raid.

We didn’t run a Naxx-10 this week.. and I’m going out of town for the weekend.. so it’s doubtful that I’ll be included in a guild Naxx-10 so I signed myself up in /lfg for Naxx-10. In the meantime I finished off a few more quests in Teledrassil. I had just finished the starting area and was moving on to Ashenvale (I’ve already finished Darkshore**) when I got a whisper asking if I’d be interested in dpsing Spider and Construct wings of Naxx-10. Why sure!

I got an invite to the group and hearthed, cleaned out my bags and flew to Naxx. As I arrived at the summoning stone.. I received a summon. As I accepted the summon it said I was saved to the instance. It turns out the room of goos had respawned and they were standing in front of Patchwerk. I clicked around the group.. it was made up of a smattering of different guild tags. I got an inkling of a bad feeling.

The tanks pulled and then tanked Patches with his butt practically in the green goo stream. Bother (I run with felhunter. Felhunter uses pet UI and always moves to exactly behind the mob. Green goo damages you if you step into it and if you stay in it long enough gives you a stats debuff.. which will hurt the puppy’s already pathetic DPS).

This is the first raid fight that I’ve done on the new PC.. and I think I got .. inverse lag. That is.. I expected lag.. and was trying to cast the way I did when I had lag.. but spent alot of time distracted by the lack of lag (and yes, there were a few episodes of insane gigging). I’m sure I’ll get used to it.. but right now I’m marvelling at the smallest things*** and get easily distracted.

At about 80% health Patches smashed the off-tank and then the other melee. The raid leader said keep going. At soft enrage Patches smashed the main tank and then the rest of the raid. Disappointing.. but not too bad for a first attempt.

I topped the total damage done. Not by much.. but there was that. As a whole the raid dpsers were all in the 2k+ area.

Then the raid leader decided we’d go do spider wing first. My “bad feeling” started to get a little bit worse. OK.. I can understand doing the loot pinata’s first. Get your badges and then make another attempt on Patches. So I didn’t argue.

We skipped over to the spider wing. Tank pulled the first few groups and everything seemed to be going ok. Then something happened.. (idaknow.. mages gone wild or something) and all the mages pulled aggro and died. -I- didn’t die.. but it’s possible I was marveling at the 45 fps and forgot to seed as often as normal.

Then one of the mages “mysteriously” disconnected. Then one of the tanks “mysteriously” disconnected. Then the other tank declared he had “girl friend aggro” and said he couldn’t just stand around waiting for the mage and other tank to re-connect. After about 5 mins the “gf-aggro” tank said he had to go.

Since we now had no tanks and were down a mage the raid leader called the raid.

So here it is.. the beginning of the night.. I’m saved to some random raidId.. and I got exactly zero bosses down.


Stupid pugs.

Lesson to take from this: If you are running a raid.. and you think you might pug someone in.. make sure your current party has -at least- 1 more hour of raiding left in them. To do otherwise is just rude.. and makes me hate you.

**My mondo long-term project (reputations+mounts+loremaster+dungeons+raids+exploration+fishing) is progressing slowly. I’ve finished and discovered all of the starter Draenei area, starter Night Elf area, gotten exalted Exodar, exalted Darnassus, exalted Ironforge, got 25 mounts and leveled -all- of my weapon skills to 400. Rawr! I’m an uber-melee warlock.

***Earlier in the evening, while running around Teledrassil, I’d ended up summoning the “Spirit of Summer” pet out. OMG that pet is -so- pretty with all the settings on high. So much prettier than the low-res version. Honestly I spent a good 10 minutes just angling my camera around trying to get a good screen shot of how pretty that pet is.

2 thoughts on “Failure to Raid

  1. Given you’ve got a full instance still up, I’d just pick up 9 ppl from guild or friends list and do Naxx with them. Unless one of the other 9 in the pug have beaten you to it of course 😉

    I always grin when I see people in LFG going “LF3M Hc Naxx must link achievement for invite” but maybe it’s not such a bad sytem after all. Then again sometimes people do get carried through raids too …

    Ithiliens last blog post..Have you seen my guild?

  2. LOL, I totally know what you mean about reverse lag, the frogger boss got me twice in one pass last week. I got a new comp and I was still allowing for the lag while going through.

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