Kvetching, Metablog

.. where I suck at multi-tasking

Last night I spent upwards of 4 hours trying to record a video with voice over. It’s very simple.. I have an addon.. it’s cool. It “shows” better in a video than a screenshot. Unfortunately I fail at video.. at least last night.

– I suck at multi-tasking.
– New computer is SWEET! No noticeable lag when frapsing and playing at the same time.
– It seems that Fraps can record either my mic OR ingame/vent.. but not both. Seems like a fail in fraps to me.. but Internet agrees that that’s “just the way it works”
– Audacity to the rescue. Audacity for my mic.. and fraps for ingame/vent.
– Did I mention I suck at multi-tasking? Very hard to remember to hit buttons and talk about which buttons I’m hitting and why at the same time.
– Peanut gallery (Ziya from Combat Medic) remarks “and here Nibuca demonstrates that the best way to improve your dps is to not talk and play at the same time”. Ziya was over at my house helping fiancee to put -his- new computer together.
– Windows Movie Maker for Vista is different than it was for XP.. in XP I could have two audio tracks. In Vista I can have only one. Very sad panda.
– Add to that.. WMM SUCKS for trying to sync up video and audio. Maybe I need better tools.

So.. no video today.. maybe later on this week.