31 Day: Elevator Pitch

31-days-build-better-blog First off.. I was really hesitant to post this in the blog. Really, I’ve tried to keep my Warcraft blog on-topic and blogging about my blogging -feels- very off-topic. But I figure I’ll try it out. 🙂

So.. I will be lazily participating in ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Project. Hereafter referred to as “31 Days”

You asked: Ms. Nib, why do you say lazy?

I’m glad you asked. 🙂 I don’t blog on weekends. That’s the same reason I haven’t ever officially participated in NaNoWriMo. I’m not interested in signing up to blog on weekends. So I won’t do it.. so 31 Days will be more like 31 Days minus weekends.

Assignment #1: Elevator Pitch

So ok.. here’s the assignment. I run into someone in the elevator. They ask me “Do you blog?” and instead of glaring at them and telling them to mind their own damn business I say “Yes.” They ask “What do you blog about?”

At this point.. I’m kinda stuck. Even with an audience of 11M players WoW is still a niche. I can’t guarantee the knowledge of elevator companion.

Normally I’d respond “I blog about the World of Warcraft, an online multi-player game with 11M players” and leave it at that. If they know about the game they’ll make some kind of “Oh, I know what you’re talking about” response and then I’d elaborate. Otherwise they look at me like I’m eating broken glass and I just let it drop.

So.. let’s assume I’m at .. Blizzcon.. and I -know- everyone in my elevator is a raving Blizz fanboi and I want to convince them to read my blog. What would I say to them…

Points I want to hit:

– World of Warcraft (if you’re looking for Warhammer/Starcraft/Diablo, move on)
– Dedicated player (…)
– Warlock primarily (’cause if you don’t want to hear about warlockery you’re at the wrong blog)
– Theorycrafting (’cause sometimes I just gotta belt out the numbers)
– Bringing a funny (impish) slant to everything. (well.. except for the rants).
– It used to be important to me that I hit the “girl gamer” note.. I’m not so sure that’s terribly important to me anymore.. in fact comments on YouTube that marvel at the fact that I’m a girl just make me roll my eyes.
– I also write alot about UI and addons.. and although that hasn’t been a focus.. it is something I want to bring more into the blog.
– did I miss any points? Why are -you- here?

First cut:

“My blog, Mystic Chicanery, is a World of Warcraft blog about warlockery, theorycrafting, and bringing humor into every gaming situation.”

Yawn. The thing about that is.. OMG it’s boring. I mean like.. I almost fell asleep just writing it. -I- wouldn’t want to read that blog.. so.. boring.. can’t keep eyes open.. AND I like my current tagline, “Impish by nature,” better than the above statement. So maybe that needs shining.

Second cut:

“Mystic Chicanery is a plainspoken whimsical theorycrafting blog digging into the bowels of warlockery, casual raiding and UI design.”

I like this one better.. but I still like “Impish by nature” better.. but this has substance… hmm.. can you be both plainspoken and whimsical at the same time?

Looking for “candid/plainspoken/tell it straight up with no frills” and yet “whimsical/funny/humorous/with an impish slant on all things”. Not sure how to capture both of those ideas and not sound contradictory.

Hmm.. maybe if I leave “plainspoken” out.

Final cut:

“Mystic Chicanery is a whimsical theorycrafting blog digging into the depths of warlockery, casual raiding and UI design.”

This will do for now. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “31 Day: Elevator Pitch

  1. Great job!!! I really enjoyed reading your thought process on coming up with your Elevator Pitch. I think you did well though, it really hits on what I expect to see from your site!! Mine feels so much plainer now looking at yours.

    A Shadow Priest’s insights on Leadership, end game raiding and the Shadowy ways of the Priest class in World of Warcraft.

    Blessings last blog post..It’s a Pitch in an Elevator, Huh?

  2. Ya… on second thing “Bowel” seemed more appropriate to a Death Knight.. and really didn’t leave me with the best image 🙂

  3. “Mystic Chicanery is a whimsical theorycrafting blog digging into the depths of warlockery, casual raiding and UI design.”

    This is concise, which is good, but I think you’re trying to say too many things at once. You mention theorycrafting and casual raiding, which sound (on the surface at least) like opposites. You also mention warlocks and UI design, neither of which sounds related to anything else. It’s a lot to throw at someone in a single sentence, and I have a feeling that someone reading this would nod politely, and forget it five minutes later.

    My advice would be to pick one single thing to say that your blog is “about” and focus on that (theorycrafting, for example). Sure, you know it’s really more than just that, but the goal in a one-sentence pitch isn’t to summarize – it’s to hook. If you start by saying “I have a fun theorycrafting blog” (or whatever) that’ll be enough to get them interested, and then when they ask “Oh, what kind of theorycrafting do you write about?” then you can start talking about some of the other stuff.

    That way they’ll have a single thing to focus on and remember, instead of walking away with a jumble of seemingly unrelated ideas.

    Just my two cents. 🙂


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