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This is more of a meta-Wow topic. Specifically I wanted to step through how I make and narrate a video from Wow footage. It’s not difficult.. but sometimes any basic how-to is better than wandering aimlessly in the dark.

Most recent video:

    Making Wow Video for Windows: [See comments for Mac instructions]

  1. Make sure your machine can handle it. If you’re running at ~40 fps normally you should be ok. If you’re barely pulling 15-18 fps then recording the video will be horribly painful.
  2. Acquire the video recording software. I paid $36 and got a registered version of Fraps. I felt that it was a steal for the price. Other source recommend WEGame (a free fraps alternative). I read about WeGame after I’d already paid for Fraps.. so although I’ve tried out WeGame.. I continue to use Fraps.
  3. In Fraps I can either record ingame/vent noise OR my mic. I cannot get both to record through Fraps at the same time. If you want to record both you’ll need to setup an additional program (Audacity maybe) to record your mic. Regardless, when you make your movie, make sure that the things that make noise on your machine are the things you want to record in the movie. Most of the time I log out of/mute Ventrillo and only record in-game noises. Since I’m horrible at multi-tasking I don’t try to narrate my video piece while I’m recording the video. I do that afterwards.
  4. Launch the game and your video recording software. In the video recording software, note where the recordings are going to be stored (you’ll need that).
  5. Trigger the recording software to start recording. I push F9. This starts the recording.
  6. Do whatever actions you need to do for the recording.
  7. Trigger the recording software to stop recording. I again push F9.
  8. Open the recorded video in your video editing software. Windows comes with Windows Movie Maker. It’s good to start with but it’s kind of limited. I’ve read good reviews of Sony Vegas.. and I’m tempted to upgrade to that.
  9. Edit the video to your liking. This is also where I record a narration track.
  10. Save the video. Normally Windows Movie Maker saves as an AVI.
  11. Upload the video to a service like YouTube.
  12. Publicize your video link.
  13. ???
  14. Profit 🙂 Good luck!

See also: Oxhorn’s Machinima Tutorials: Screen Capture

7 thoughts on “Wow Movie Making

  1. Now, here’s a tutorial for Mac users who wanna create their own videos too!

    1. As stated in the article, a good steady 40fps or so would be ideal for recording your video. any less than 20fps, and you’ll start seeing jerks in the video, or even worse, video tearing.

    2. In the Mac version of WoW, there’s an in-built screen recorder, which means you don’t have to buy FRAPS or anything, there’s already a native in-built one in WoW! Hooray!

    3. I’m not sure of the default keybinds for the recording buttons, but open up Menu > Key Bindings > Scroll all the way down until you see Movie Recording and its current keybinds. Change them to your liking or leave them as such. There’s very simple controls for start/stop, compression (to make it a playable video for your computer) and hide interface. Easy.

    4. What this wonderful (and free =D ) in-game movie recorder will record is,
    a) In-game video (with the interface, unless you hide it)
    b) In-game sound & music
    c) and in-game mic sounds, if you’re currently in a party, and someone is talking through the in-game video chat
    d) Things like Vent/TS and your Beatles song playing on iTunes will not be recorded by the in-game recorder
    (Note: The in-game recorder will NOT also record the log-in screen, and your character screen, as the recorder has to be activated via your keybind on your character)

    Either than that, if you want to add voiceovers, you’ll have to do it on your video editing software. We’ll come to that in a bit.

    5. So an overview on how to start recording your movie, just open WoW, log-in, select your character, enter world, and then press your keybind. Mine happens to be SHIFT- { because i keep hitting the record button by accident all the time. Press your keybind once again to stop the recording, which will also automatically start to compress the movie to a playable format for your computer.

    6. Note that recording and compressing might take up quite a bit of virtual memory to do so, and might expect some lags or unevenness in WoW and your video. (See 9)

    7. Now to edit your video to perfection!
    Go to Macintosh HD >Application >World of Warcraft >Movies
    You should be able to see all your recorded adventures in that folder.
    Launch iMovie or your video editing software of choice, and simply drag your recorded video onto the program. Edit to your heart’s content.
    (Tip: Any version of iMovie is great for editing simple WoW videos, like tutorials and such, you can also do voiceovers in the program.)

    8. Once done chopping your video, serve it up by exporting/compressing it in iMovie (or choice software) to whatever standards you want. Choose the format for Youtube, or for well, the full quality.

    9. There are some additional tweaks that you can do to make your video recording smoother. First, go to Options > Mac Options, and there you will find things that you can set for your recording. It also shows you how much time left you can record based on your harddrive space, and the rate that it is recording your movies. Don’t be afraid to tweak and try out different settings, for you can always hit the “Default” button. You can also change your video effect settings if you find your video skipping.

    10. Whatever you wanna do with your video is up to you! Create epic battle sequences, educational instruction videos, or steamy pornography videos! Expand your creativity, and don’t let technology or censorship hinder your creative intentions!


  2. How do you make the WoW edits with only the toons and a white background?
    What if I wanted to make my own background and put the animations on top?
    What about matching up the toons to music, as in a music video?

  3. @Balfore
    Check out Oxhorn’s tutorials. I believe he goes into how to use the character model and .. something else to generate backgrounds.

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