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The Seventeen Chapel

the-creation-of-adam-detail-of-gods-and-adams-hands-from-the-sistine-ceiling-giclee-print-c12973858Hence forth, Naxx shall be known as the Seventeen Chapel.

The setting: Starting pulls in Naxx-25 Spider wing. Tank pulled a group of big green spiders.. and then the melees butt-pulled a group of little spiders.

After the pull the healers all sit down to drink. The tank doesn’t really notice and runs into the next group of spiders. Tank go a-splat. Offtank picks up the spiders.

Tank: Hey, the ceiling in here is very pretty.
Kaizin: Hey, yeah, it’s like that chapel with the painted ceilings.
Me: The Sistine Chapel?
Kaizin: Hey yeah.. we can call this the Seventeen Chapel!

I love my guild

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