Skewed focus

flowerfocusBusy weekend.

On Sunday night my Pally, Tatia, finally hit 80. So I guess Mystic Chicanery just became a Warlock and Paladin blog again. (Don’t be frightened.. I think I’ll contain my theorycrafting to warlockery and leave the Paladin stuff to the experts)

The plan:
– Try out tanking at 80. Fiancee has helped me to acquire the “beginner” tank set.
– When 3.1 hits, dual spec Tank/Heal. Tatia becomes my swiss army knife.
– Lilac, my Warlock, remains my progression toon. (We’ll see how that goes)
– ???
– Profit

– Start on Sons of Hodir grind.
– Figure out tank-y spec.(Planning to consult with Fiancee and
– Make sure I have all the right beginner tank-y gear pieces that I need.
– Enchant/Gem Tank-y gear.
– Identify where bigger-better Tank-y gear pieces come from.
– Figure out what all these new tank-y buttons do.
– Figure out which faction I should be getting rep with.
– Tank something 🙂

– Dual Spec.

– Figure out heal-y spec.
– Make sure I have all the right beginner heal-y gear pieces I need.
– Enchant/Gem Heal-y gear.
– Identify where bigger/better Heal-y gear pieces come from.
– Figure out what all these new heal-y buttons do.

3 thoughts on “Skewed focus

  1. Lots of Practice will always make you better playing a Tank if you will be duel specing as one. There are many things as for tanking skills you will never quite learn unless you tank allot and often. Easiest places to tank on Reg/Heroics are UK, DTK, VH.

    Need Exalted with Argent Crusade for the Tank Helm Enchant, revered also gets you the Legplates from them as well. If you do all the quests for Argent Crusade it should be easy to get to Revered at least. The Sons of Hodir you need for the Shoulder Enchant which takes doing the dailies and or grinding to turn in at least 50 Relics a day to speed it up for reps.

    Craft the Tank Titansteel Helm and Boots. If you do the Wyrmest Accord to Revered you pick up a few good pieces of gear there also. Running Cot Strat or Heroic Version will get you a few pieces if the RNG is good to you for the Shield and their is a random drop blue in the instance, cant remember what it is.

    Tank often and tank with confidence makes you better.

    My favorite saying in pugs on heroics when im Tanking is whatever happens and whatever i do “Don’t Panic”. You can recover from allot as long as no one panics and stays on the focused target.

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