Affliction Spec for 3.1

afflictionlogo11Ok. So I’m finally playing with the “final” spec trees. Here’s what I came up with on my first pass: 54/0/15 +2

Most of the point feel like “Well duh, of course I need to spend points here”. But as I thought about it some more I noticed that there are a few possible quibbles:

Suppression 0/3
I have the gear to hit spell hit cap of 446. I’m not running into mana problems so the alternate bonus of suppression doesn’t really appeal to me. That said, if I spec’d into Suppression I could fiddle my gear around to get more +dps and less +hit. I’m tempted by that.

Fel Concentration 3/3
This is arguable a pretty useless way to spend 3 points considering the new-in-3.0 pushback mechanism. In raids I’m rarely getting hit.. and when I do it only “pushes back” twice. I’m tempted to shift the points elsewhere.

Improved Drain Soul 0/2
In a raiding environment, the return of mana is kinda ‘meh’. Mostly I’d take this if I felt I was having threat issues. I had this before the patch.. and I am rarely blowing past the tanks. Since patch 3.1 feels like it’ll be a reduction to DPS I’m thinking I may not need it.. but I’m open to specing here if I need to.

Amplify Curse 1/1
I -hate- having to spend this point here. It just feels so useless. Add to that I’m fairly certain I’m not totally taking advantage of that saved 0.5 seconds. Just HATE spending this point.

Dark Pact 1/1
I -like- Dark Pact. EJ will tell you not to spend this point and to put it elsewhere. Meh. For me it’s like having a secret multi-use mana pot that you can use without troubling the healers. It also makes me feel that maybe my pet isn’t totally useless.

Destructive reach 0/2
The improved range is kinda meh to me. Adding 6-8 yards really doesn’t thrill me. BUT if I was having threat issues than dropping my destruction (shadow bolt) threat by 10% may be a good thing.

In fact, now that I write this I think I’ll drop Fel Concentration since it is marginal at best

That leaves me with five points to spend… I could…
– pick up Suppression to get the additional 3% hit… Allows me to get more +dmg gear and less +hit gear.
– pick up Improved Felhunter to make my felhunter into an even better mana pot…
– Pick up Demonic Power over in the destruction tree.. and use my Succy instead (she’s supposed to be the best “normal” dps pet)
– Pick up Destructive reach to drop 10% of my threat from destruction spells.
– Pick up Improved Drain Soul to drop 10% of my threat from Affliction spells.
– Put 2 points into better cookies for the raid.. it’s about 1k additional healing per raid member…

It really depends on your raids/play style. I love raiding with my felpuppy.. and really dislike the succy and the imp.. so unless either of them are doing double the DPS of my felpuppy, they’re not seeing the light of day. I love my felpuppy.. and I already use him as a mana battery.. but I really hadn’t noticed him running out of mana.. so it seems silly to improve his mana regen.

Since 3.1 feels a smidge like a DPS nerf I don’t -think- I’ll need the threat reduction.

So.. for now.. I guess I’ll get the extra 3% hit.. and fiddle my armor around and get better cookies. If I run into threat issues I’ll drop down to only 1/3 in Suppressions, drop the cookies and pick up both Destructive Reach and/or Improved Drain Soul.

So.. tonight, when I can get logged in 🙂 I’ll be updating to this spec: 54/2/15.

8 thoughts on “Affliction Spec for 3.1

  1. I also like dark pact and continued to spec into it despite the argument against it. I like it as another option.. especially if my health is dangerously low. /shrug Plus, it was such a staple previously… it’s in my comfort zone! 😉

    I do like the spec you came up with and I might be “borrowing” it!

    Syranas last blog post..Live Show Wednesday Night – Join the Fun!

  2. Once I got off work and realized that I wouldn’t be logging in to the game any time soon I spent a few hours in EJ and the Warlock’s Den. I settled with 53/0/18.I headed straight to the target dummy (praying recount would work with the new patch). I ran a few baseline tests with the Succ and Demon Dog. I was sad to see the Succ knocking out 200+ dps because I have always had the dog out for raiding. However, with the buff that the hound gives me the overall DPS was close. Are you going to give up the felpuppy?

  3. If the talented succy did like twice the dps of the other pets I’d be tempted.. but at this point pet dps is such a tiny consideration.

    Keep in mind I haven’t had time to check it since the patch.. but before the patch the difference was about 5 dps.

    I’ve found that the felpuppy is more sturdy than the succubus.. and I feel that I’ve been able to use him more efficiently as a mana battery.

    So.. for the forseeable future, I plan to raid with the felpuppy (unless the doomguard is off cooldown).

  4. That is exactly what I was thinking. I am interested in seeing the DPS of the doomguard since the nerf.

    *I think the idea of naming the DG is genius. I have a problem with the raid not buffing him. Instead they spend the seconds before the pull /flirt, /kiss and /pet him.

    **I think any lock who doesn’t have the Ritual of Doom is missing out on the novelty of the DG and the impact it has on a raid when you summon.

  5. Let me start with a disclaimer. I am only leveling a warlock, and raid as a resto Druid.

    It seems to me that taking a point out of Amplify Curse and using the three points in Suppression would be better than two points in imp Healthstone or something. That’s another 3% hit you don’t have to, say, gem for. Those gems can be used for things like spell power.

    Just my thoughts, I’d love to hears reasons why I shouldn’t take Suppression over Amp Curse.

  6. If you’re leveleing.. hit is pretty useless. It’s not until you’re at the level cap that it becomes very important to hit the boss.

    As it turns out, I ended up being able to get both the good cookies and the 3% hit. For now I’m ok with it. The 1 point in Amplify Curse give you .5 seconds where you’re not in GCD. That’s .5 seconds where you can be starting the next cast. Overall that adds more to you DPS.

    If you don’t have the gear to hit the spell hit cap.. then definitely, get suppression.. but once you can hit the spell hit cap through gear.. saving .5 seconds of cast time is (supposed to be) very good for you dps (as I mentioned in the post.. that is a point I hate to spend.. because it .. it doesn’t feel sexy).


  7. yes, amplify curse is actually very good. that .5 seconds really helps in the long run, seeing as GCD is standardly 1 second, and now with 3.1, you have 3 dots to cast, that is 3 seconds of dot casting every time you need to re-weave your dots. So, a .5 second reduction is reducing the time it takes to weave in your dots by about 16.5%, and thats a pretty fancy increase, that will really help your dps in the long run.

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