Nibs go blah about patch day


    The lessons:

  • Although the patch note says “Soul Shard: This item now has a maximum count of 32 in inventory.” -really- it means “you may only own 32 shards”.. in your bags, in your bank.. whatever.
  • On the plus side, this means I just freed up ~20 slots in my bank.
  • WowMatrix is dead.. long live the Curse client. It’s not perfect.. but it’s less frustrating then updating by hand.
  • I <3 addon authors. Really honestly LOVE-THEM-TO-DEATH! Most of my addons were back in working order by the end of the night.
  • Dominos stopped doing “pink outlines on buttons” and that feature was spun out into a new addon. So I’m now also using “Inline Auras”. LOVE LOVE LOVE it (though I did have the fiddle with the colors to get them to be more obvious).
  • Pally single-taunt seems to be borked and full of fail. It didn’t work ALOT last night.

The Blow-by-blow:
Before the patch I logged out in Dalaran. I suppose I should kick myself about that. But I will totally get over it. I logged in, marvelled at the sheer number of people running rampant in the streets of Dalaran. Then I ran off to the PVP portal area of Dalaran and fiddled with my spec. I figured I’d get better fps in an relatively unused area. (8 fps in the street, 35 fps in the pvp area)

Luckily I’d already worked the spec out on the blog. Start fiddling setting. Remember that I wanted to turn on the “let me fiddle the spec and then hit save” option (which I agree with Alachia should be turned on by default). Goto Options->Display->Preview Talent Changes. Finish fiddling with talents. Save (queue the musical crescendo).

Teleport to Ironforge so I can talk to a trainer (just in case there was something new I needed to learn). Nothing new. I’m ok with that. Wander over to test dummies in IF. Ugh.. standing room only by those dummies.. pretty sure all their buffs will invalidate my testing. Decided to goto Darnassus instead. Run/Fly/Boat/Run. Ah-ha, I was right, Darnassus is empty. Begin testing.

Stop testing and fiddle with UI. (lots of fiddling left out of this description.. really it took up the bulk of the time). In the end UI is back where it was before the patch. Still need to get a few updates.. and still have a few addons borked.. but I’m relatively certain that’ll get worked out in the next few days.

Remember I want to fiddle with glyphs. Look at current glyphs. Ugh.. Glyph of Immolate. That’s useless for me now. What I want.. Glyph of CoA (have it), Glyph of Life Tap and Glyph of Haunt.

Run off to AH. lifetap and haunt don’t exist. Fume for a while. Purchase Glyph of Corruption as a place holder. Giggle maniacally when I realize that you can now visually tell glyphs apart (they’re color coded). Swiftly re-organize glyphs in guild bank. Giggle even more as I smoosh my new glyph into place right at the mailbox instead of having to find a floaty-book.

Back to test dummy. My rotation has gone from 6 regular spells to 4 regular spells. I still have the same two filler spells. Spend a while trying to get the feel for the new 4 spells. Gnash teeth when I realize they totally don’t line up. So in total.. I’m only watching one fewer timer.. and getting abysmal dps(about 1.5k on the test dummies at that point). Curse, swear, kick felpuppy.

Guildie asks if anyones interested in trying VoA-10. I reply that I’m interested but my DPS is crappy. He invites me anyway.


Summon cookies. Guildie marvels that for like the first time -ever- Lilac has “the good cookies”. I warn them that they get good cookies until I start pulling threat (then I’ll respect out of good cookies and into threat reduction).

Into the fray. The falling rocks from the adds are louder.. and kinda pink. Much easier to spot. No one dies to falling rocks. I think it’s a fluke. We’ll see if it lasts. Wham-Bam we kill Archevon (as an aside.. isn’t it odd to name the whole place after Archevon.. when it looks like he’s going to be the easiest-to-kill boss in there?)(and yes, it totally looks like they’re leaving room for a third wing).

Note.. about twice I almost pulled threat on Archy.. so.. the good cookies may not be around for long. DPS is around 2k.

Move onto new boss and adds. Initial adds go down easy. Get first look at new boss.

Initial strategy description: MT on boss in back-right corner, OT on adds in front-left corner, Kill add when it heals to full. Otherwise kill boss.

Rawr, we engage. 2.5 seconds later OT is smashed flat (he ended up tanking EVERYTHING when MT’s pally single-taunt failed) 2 seconds after that everyone else died. Wipe 1. Healers say everyone was out of range for heals. We adjust and re-position…. 3-4 wipes later we called it.

– Boss does not reset if you pass the stairs. He’ll chase you to the door.
– adds and boss need to be more than 20 yards apart.
– the add to be killed gets a stacking buff, heals up to full health and gets really big… then kills the raid.
– OT needs to not be squishy.
– When boss does his AOE, melee need to run out of range or they’ll get splatted.
– Boss drops Tier 8 and Season 6 gear. YUMMY!

I think once we engage this with two well-geared tanks and very high dpsers that we’ll have it in short order.

We call the run. I’d been troubled.. I’d tried Drain Soul a few times and hadn’t gotten any shards. I’m starting to panic that it’s broken. I mean.. what if I run out of shards? That’d be tragic!

After the raid I ran out and farmed some elementals. Really I was just testing to see if I could proc some shards. No go. I removed “eeShards” (a possibly no longer necessary addon), no go. I removed all my addons, no go. I filed a GM ticket and made my way back to Dalaran.

In Dalaran I remembered that I had shards in the bank.. 28 of them.. and 19 in my inventory… 28+19 > 32. Had a /facepalm moment. Emptied shards out of bank. Destroyed shards until I had ~25 shards. Flew down under Dalaran to see if I could get some more shards.

ZOMG! The yellow mobs under Dalaran are gone.. in their place are some big horny satyrs. Ah well.. they make shards just as well as yellow mobs. Begin farming shards. Determine that yes, I was a ninny and I hadn’t been able to make soul shards before because of the excess in my bank. Remove /gm ticket.

I ended the night by training fishing (Artisan now) and fishing in the sewer. Mostly catching crap.. but on a 17 second cast time.. so Lilac’s at 230 fishing now.

Hmm.. now that I’m at the end of this ramble.. I’d like to apologize to anyone who’s made it this far.. the above was the longest “blah” blow-by-blow that I think I’ve ever done. I hope, if you made it this far.. that you at least enjoyed it a little bit.

Tonight… I think I’ll fiddle with Tatia. How was your patch?

8 thoughts on “Nibs go blah about patch day

  1. Actually enjoyed this post. It’s nice to hear what folks did when they’re *not* whining about the patch.

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..True Story.

  2. OMG your captcha just asked me type “kek,” my day is made.

    Uh… oh yeah. Thought you’d appreciate this:

    (1:27:22 PM) BinaryMuse: “isn’t it odd to name the whole place after Archevon.. when it looks like he’s going to be the easiest-to-kill boss in there?”
    (1:27:53 PM) Neal: it is still his Vault he just realized that he needed to call in some buddies to defend it

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..True Story.

  3. Nice Post – been luring for quite some time, keep up the great work.

    Luckily I got most of my mods updated and had them working – except Necrosis and Xperl.

    I have played my Hunter as my main for nearly 4 years, with my Lock used as my farmer, this patch came the big change…My Lock is now my main. I just have more fun playing him. Anyway…

    I went from 00/41/30 to 53/1/17 last night. It took a bit getting used to the new spells and rotation… and more importantly remembering to Drain Soul under 25%.

    I run 10mans with a group of friends – we hit up Archie and his new friend last night. It took us two tries to down the new guy, we never split them up, One tank had them all, when the add started growing all dps swapped quickly and burned him down – then right back to the boss. Now the Rogue, Kitty and DK dps and to run in and out, but our Mage, Ele Shammy and I just sat there and dpsed. I came in 3rd on dps behind the Rogue and DK.

    We then went to Ulduar. Flame Leviathan was easy, but I did not find it enjoyable, I leveled a Lock (and a Hunter) – not a freaking Turret. Then it was on to the real fights. Let me just say the trash is not a joke. Come prepared. AoE? Not so much. I got full rotations going on nearly every mob – they take a while to die, and they WILL keep you on your toes.

    We had a few pulls on the Furnace Master with out a lot of luck – come to find out it appears he was bugged last night – and was one-shotting members of our group quite often.

    Keep up the great posts!


  4. Giggle maniacally when I realize that you can now visually tell glyphs apart (they’re color coded). Swiftly re-organize glyphs in guild bank.

    Ooh thank goodness. It has been such a PITA for me to organize those in the guild bank and this makes it sooo much easier.

    Syranas last blog post..Create Your Own Azeroth – The Libram

  5. The problem I saw with the confirm points thingy was that it seemed to bug a few peoples’ specs – like they’d be randomly missing a point or two that they’d place, and it was fixed when they turned it off. Maybe that’s why they put it in as turned off by default?

    Otherwise, though, meh patch day makes me wish I wasn’t on Mal’Ganis but a low to medium pop server. We’ve been having crashes, and only just got to try out Uldie yesterday xP (our normal raid schedule would have had us raiding on patch day). Further, it took me 14 hours to patch – the background downloader asploded on me, and so I had to restart the next day… and ended up patching from 8 AM until almost 11 PM.

    Ah, well – gave me some ideas to start up ShamanBlogger.

    Deleciouss last blog post..How To Be Successful Part One

  6. If it helps any, you can even get shards from draining a target dummy’s soul….

    But I don’t know how long that will last…or if it’s even working as intended 😛

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