Flame Leviathan take one

200px-flameleviathanLast night we formed up a 25-man and made our first attempt on Ulduar. We zoned in.. and then after a brief discussion jumped on vehicles and started banging up the place.

On my first go I ended up as the gunner on a Demolisher. It wasn’t until we were 3/4 of the way through the fight that I figured out that the blue things flying above us were “good” and although we wanted to shoot them down.. they weren’t attacking us. Up until then I’d been madly shooting them out of the sky and valiantly defending our skies.

I disliked the targeting mechanism. I just feel like I’m missing more than I should be. But other than that.. it was ok.

We rumbled off down the path killing things as we went and sort of, kind of, accidentally pulled the boss. We weren’t sure what exactly we were doing.. and I guess we killed the last guy that pulls the boss. Who knew?

Anyway.. the boss smashed us flat. I actually lived through it. I think my vehicle was the last one smashed.. and I lived through being thrown from my demolished vehicle.

So eventually we formed up.. and realized we hadn’t knocked down the proper towers so we back tracked and took out the towers.

This time I ended up as the driver in a Demolisher. We got ourselves sorted out and I was instructed to “throw my passenger onto the Leviathan”. Roger. Got it. Will do.

So we engaged.. and I threw my passenger.. and then.. well then I kind of wandered around trying to damage the boss. I tossed boulders at him.. and tossed Pyrite Barrels at him.. and then just kind of puttered around trying to stay away from the boss.. and getting more and more frustrated.

I didn’t have a “rocket boost” button. That was in the passenger seat. I couldn’t “pick up more pyrite” so I could keep doing damage.. that was also in the passenger seat. So without a passenger.. I just rumbled around.. in circles.. lobbing boulders at the boss.. and then dying the first time he turned and looked at me.

I just feel like I’m “doing it wrong”. Anytime I’m frustrated.. and I feel like something is harder than it should be.. I figure I’m doing it wrong.. OR the UI is badly designed. I’m not sure where this falls.. but having the Demolisher spend all the fight without a passenger just feels like I’m gimped… and mostly useless.

I wonder if I could go off into a corner with another Demolisher, jump off mine and man the gun on theirs.

Anyway, we made probably 4-5 attempts on the boss and at best got him to 56%. We ended the night with an admonishment that people should go watch some videos.

Ok, wowwiki says that as the driver of a demolisher I’m supposed to lob boulders at him from max range.. and then when he’s stunned (requires a 10 sec channel) lob the pyrite at him. Nkay. Can Do.

Afterwards I wandered off to the Dalaran sewers to do more fishing (now at 300) while we had a nice long talk about the guild, where it’s going, where we want it to go and how to get there. This can end one of two ways.. either we end up with more consistent raiding that progresses further.. or the guild explodes in horrible drama and we all die in a fire. It could go either way. Frankly I’m hoping for the former.

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  1. Don’t feel like you’re always doing something wrong. This isn’t Naxx – you won’t get every boss down on the first attempt anymore! And the strategies for these new fights aren’t set in stone… we’re all still learning what is the best way to do things.

    Once you’ve launched your passenger, you will be at a bit of a disadvantage. But once your passenger is finished his turret duty you should be able to get him back – I think the Choppers are supposed to pick them up and deliver them back. Also I think it’s best to only put 1 DPS and 1 healer up there at a time, so that not all of your demolishers are at a disadvantage.

    Also we decided it’s best to send a ranged DPS up there because someone has to be able to take out all 4 turrets before you can do the stunny thing. When you’re able to do that it’ll really help you get him down!

    We did it on 25-man last night and had similar problems! But after about 3 tries, we got him down. I thought it was pretty fun!

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  2. Now that servers have finally stabilized again, we should be heading in to our first 25-man on Sunday, with a couple of 10-mans tonight and tomorrow. Sounds like a lot of fun. I really should take a look at a video or two as well.

    Oh, and good luck with getting more consistent raiders. We’re fighting the same battle.

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  3. Wowwiki (and most of the other sites) are totally wrong about how you’re supposed to fight in a demolisher. Keeping at max range is accurate, but the shot rotation is completely wrong. The pyrite barrels DO do a lot of direct damage, but that’s not the important bit. What they add is a stacking DoT on the boss. What you should do is keep up a rotation of pyrite > 3 or 4 boulders to make sure that the stack doesn’t run out. Now, unless you’ve got a great demolisher gunner, you can’t keep that up indefinitely, but even getting to 10 stacks (slowly) and then letting it fall off, you can do more than double the damage in a 90 seconds cycle than what most strategy guides tell you to do.

    In warlock-ese, they’re suggesting immolate spamming as the best way to do damage. I’m suggesting immolate -> shadow bolt spam instead as being the most efficient use of resources.

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