Squeeky in her new-ness

pink_tankLong busy weekend. Saturday morning I logged in and was thinking maybe I should try tanking something easy (a regular dungeon or one of the easy heroics) but there just never seemed to be a group interested in the easy stuff. So instead I started running through the Hodir stuff so Tatia can get access to the good shoulder enchants. About half way through the day the guild kicked off a Naxx-10. I got tagged to go as the off-tank.

Really? Me? My pally -just- hit 80. She’s squeeky in her new-ness .. and well I really expected to tank at least one regular or heroic dungeon before diving into Naxx… but fiancee had confidence and I agreed to go. I have buttons.. and I know that I’m supposed to push them (96969 etc). But I don’t yet totally -get- which I’m supposed to hit when. I’m working it out. Regardless, I think I did ok.**

Sunday night, April 12 Tatia, my pally, hits level 80.
Saturday (not quite a week later), Tatia Off-tanks Naxx-10. I main-tanked Loatheb. Rawr! We had one wipe on the four horsemen. Picked up a Tanky-belt [item]Waistguard of the Tutor[/item] and a heal-y.. something.
– Loots first Heroic Badge.
– Clears Spider Quarter
– Clears Plague Quarter (also got Heigan Safety dance)
– Clears Military Quarter
Sunday afternoon I paid for Tatia’s dual spec. She’s now Tank/Heal and I finally bit the bullet and installs some glyphs.
Sunday night. Tatia finishes off-tanking Naxx-10. Lots of deaths here. Wiped once on Patches (we were short a DPSer), I died on Patches the second attempt as well but we got him down. Wiped to Gluth a few times. I died on Sapphiron and on Kel’Thuzad. We got KT on the first attempt (despite my noobing it up). I picked up [item]Repelling Charge[/item]. I also got to play my heal-y spec on Sapphirion.
– Clears Construct Quarter
– Fall of Naxx Achievement

Afterwards I went fishing (while chatting with Bre and Fim from TNB).
– Caught a giant rat!

So.. good long weekend.

**There was that one time.. during Gluth.. I think I may have accidentally BoP’d fiancee’s tank. Pretty sure I need to move that button.

3 thoughts on “Squeeky in her new-ness

  1. My very own brand spanking new tank hit lvl 80 on sunday and after hunting down some crafters for BoE epic gears and what not I marched into a Heroic UP (as it was the daily) I can now say I’ve done heroics as a tank, dps, and healer in WotLK.

    All I could think of last night was how awesome it was that avengers sheild silenced now and made pulling casters SOOO much easier.

    Big Grats on tanking Naxx for the first time, I don’t think I will see the inside of there on my pally for a long time as my guild needs me for other things but there is allways pugs 😀

  2. Not bad! I wish I could tank some 10mans, but it seems like with all the Death Knights running around, nobody really needs tanks as much, so my cute little tanker is sitting right now in basically every heroic upgrade I could get her, and some badge gear =/

    Paladin tanking in general, though, is really fun – I’d like to finish leveling mine eventually, even though I’m not sure yet if I’d heal, DPS, or tank. Can’t wait for trispecs!

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