Last night after we finished off OS-25 (which I did on my warlock)(no loot. Boo) we ran a quick OS-10 and the Construct wing of Naxx-10. These last two I did on my Pally as a healer.

I found OS-10 as a healer to be much easier than OS-10 as a DPSer. Not sure if I just had a bunch of other stellar healers propping me up.. but it -seemed- very easy.

In Naxx-10 we decided to try two-healing it. It was me (51/5/15 Holy Pally with mostly blue/greens) and Flutterbye (Resto Druid.. mostly blue/purples).

We one-shot Patchwerk!! In the end I was sucking fumes and Patchwerk hit his enrage.. but we did it. For that fight I had 3.3k HPS (Beacon is uber-sexy). I beaconed the MT and then mostly healed the OT. At 22% left on Patches we lost the OT.. and all the melee.. but we still managed to heal through it.. and about 10 seconds of patches enrage. We he finally fell over I almost cried.

We had one wipe on Grobbulus (I forgot I wasn’t supposed to dispell and and it only went downhill from there). For the second attempt we had one of the priests change over to Holy to help with the healing and chase down the infected. I changed over to MT healing and raid off-healing. It was all cake after that.

We two-shot Gluth. We didn’t have our normal kiter so we had to kind of make it up as we went along. I healed the kiter (prot pally) .. and the Paladin AOE which stuns undead.. is super sexy in this fight. The Kiter and I traded off stunning the mobs. I stood in the middle of the grates and as he ran by he’d call out for me to stun the mobs. Also, at that center grate I never had any range issues with healing the kiter (I couldn’t reach the MT/OT.. but that wasn’t my job).

On Thaddius the other healer died on the second charge transition. I healed the rest of the fight.. and really never had any problems. I beacon’d the MT and then just healed everyone else.. with occasional special heals for the tank. I think I ended the fight at 75% mana.

Overall I was at 1.7k HPS with ~28% overheal. Now.. compared to my healing in BC.. that was a shit-ton of more overheal than normal.. normally I was in the 15-21% range.. but the guild heal leader (who had been in our run on her Warlock) said that the fact that I was below 30% was phenomenal. I’m still trying to get a feel for all the new stuff I have. I know with my trinkets, Divine Illumination, Divine Favor and Lay On Hands I’m not using them enough.

Also after the run I realized I was missing 5 enchants.. and had forgot to get a belt buckle. So um.. yeah.. Pally healing is looking doable.

7 thoughts on “BEACON!!! NOM NOM NOM

  1. Divine Illumination is the one I always forget.
    I use LOH every chance I get. I grabbed the glyphs for it, and the mana return I get from that baby is HUGE. I end up using it around… oh, every 15ish minutes?
    PvP has also taught me to use Divine Favor every chance I get.

    Though my overheal usually clocks in around 50% šŸ˜”

  2. Isn’t it embarassing to be the doofus who dispels on Grobbulus? The first time I went there as healer, I couldn’t control myself, dispelled, and had this lovely poison cloud in the middle of the raid. GG! Our pallies usually unbind Cleanse, just to keep this from happening.

    I have only healed one instance as paladin, normal Nexus, and was pretty overwhelmed by it. Didn’t have any decent Beacon tracking. As resto shaman, I got pretty panicky with splash damage to the party, I think I should stick to my smexy golden chains instead of bacon. šŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve solo healed OS 10 when my pally healer buddy died 3 seconds into the fight. The tank damage isn’t too bad and neither is the raid damage as long as everyone can move out of the flame waves.

    As far as Grob… yea abolish disease is BAD. I couldn’t figure out how I would keep dropping diseases in the middle of the raid a split second after getting… then I realized I used abolish disease to remove it from myself when I was against the wall and it was still ticking after I had moved back to the center…

  4. Divine Illumination doesn’t cause a GCD, so you can macro it in with Holy Light (or whatever you want to cast cheaply). You might be able to use it more effectively if you do it manually and know when you will be at mana intensive phases for the next 15 seconds or so, but doing it at the wrong times will save you way more mana then not ever doing it. It probably even saves mana over using it “only” at the perfect times.

  5. Fun post. I always like to say that it is easy being a good Holy Pally, being a great one is harder. My main in BC was a Affliction Lock, now I mostly play on the Paladin, and it took me a few works at 80 to effectively use my LOH, Divine Plea, Divine Illumination, Divine Protection, Hand of Sacrifice, and Divine Favor.

    Once you get the knack of when to use your full arsenal of cooldowns, Pally healing can get really fun! And dont let the overheal get ya down.

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  6. Excellent advice on the Divine Illumination — I have mine macroed to my HL, it saves me a ton of mana. Don’t be proud of low overheal, or at least don’t work for it. If you’ve got low overheal you’re probably not being all you can be. Use holy light on distributed aoe damage — “Flash Can’t Splash!” Use Holy Shock as often as you can, get the T7 set bounus and watch your crit rates go thru the roof. Remember that crit + DI = positive mana return. Use sacred shield on your tanks, but mourn the awesomeness that it once was.

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