Guild First: Uld-10 Razorscale

razorscaleLast night we formed up and tromped off to Ulduar-10. Two weeks ago the guild went into Uld-10 and downed Flame Leviathan (I wasn’t there) So although last night was a Nibuca first on Flame Leviathan, it wasn’t a guild first.

Anyway, we one-shotted Flame Leviathan. Afterwards we discussed “leaving a tower up” to try for a “hard mode” next time. I think we need to research the towers and find out what will change.

We then went on to wipe for a very long time on Razorscale. After several wipes (where our best was getting her to 58%) we finally dipped below that magical 50% mark. In fact we threw EVERYTHING we had at her.. and she wiped us with only 89 health left. I kid you not, we lost the tank at like 3% health and then she ran around wiping the rest of us out. In the end the Shaman self-rezzed and then died.. and Razorscale despawned with 89 fraking health. We were pumped and it only took two more attempts to finally get her down (there was much cheering and yelling).

FYI: Razorscale is a she. She is the corrupted form of Thorim’s blue drake, the broodmother. If you remember back to the days of questing in Storm Peaks to get Hodir rep, you’ll remember a fight where you were with Thorim as he took on Loken. Loken cheated and called on the powers he’d gained from Yogg-Saron and defeated both Thorim and Thorim’s mount. Loken then picked them both up and promised he had bigger better plans for them. Those plans were for them to be in Ulduar as bosses. Though I do wonder what exactly he did to get them to blindly fight -for- him/Yogg-Saron. {The more you know}

5 thoughts on “Guild First: Uld-10 Razorscale

  1. Congratulations! One only needs to take one short glance at a guild photo to identify Nibs.

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..Foray into Multiboxing: Dual-Boxing with Recruit-A-Friend

  2. Leaving one tower up isn’t much harder than easy mode, but with two towers it gets rough. My Uld10 group normally leaves up one tower, and we get emblems of conquest in place of emblems of valor, which is probably of more benefit to us than the actual drops. I don’t remember if my Uld25 group has downed him with a tower up.

  3. Well.. eliminate all non-gnome.. then all male gnome.. you’re left with Odi and shiny blue sparkly mage gear 😐 and Lilac of infinite evilness (ok, maybe finite 🙂 but you get the point).

  4. Oh woe is me!! You forgot to mention your favorite studly gnome warrior that came to your rescue and made it all possible.

    I guess I’ll have to go back into retirement 🙁


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